Ernest H. Williams, Jr.

William R. Kenan Professor of Biology Emeritus

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2031 Science Center


PhD, 1976, Princeton University

MA, 1970, Princeton University

BS, 1968, Trinity College (CT)

    (1970-73 USAF)


the population biology, chemical ecology, and conservation of butterflies, esp. the monarch Danaus plexippus, the checkerspot Euphydryas gillettii, and the frosted elfin Callophrys irus

Courses I Have Taught

Bio 101

General Biology: Genetics and Evolution

Env St 150

Society and the Environment

The Nature Handbook For more information about my book on observing nature

Bio 237


Bio 441

Seminar in Evolutionary Biology

Env St 220

Forever Wild: The Cultural and Natural Histories of the Adirondack Park

Link to the annual trips of the Ecology class to Whiteface Mtn

Bio 550-551

Biology Senior Thesis

Utica Marsh. A new web page about the Utica Marsh and the Utica Marsh Council is under development.

Cemetery Demography For background information and data sets for the cemetery demography data-sharing project of the Ecological Society of America. As of Jan 2011.

Monarch Butterfly Fund For an organization working to support the migration of monarch butterflies


career summary

After 38 years of college teaching, I am now officially retired, though I will continue to teach one course each year and continue research and writing projects. Here are some career highlights: Teaching - assigned 4708 final grades; taught Ecology 38 times, Introductory Biology 35 times, and Evolution 28 times (other courses, too). Scholarship - produced 4 books; published 57 articles (32 peer reviewed); gave 116 formal presentations. Service - chaired the Biology Dept 3 times, chaired the Environmental Studies Program (founding chair); chaired various committees, including the college's Committee on Appointments, Committee on Academic Policy, and the Writing Advisory Committee. Awards - held three endowed professorships.






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Selected Articles and Chapters (click on pdf to download a copy)

Williams, E.H., & L.P. Brower. 2015. Microclimatic protection of overwintering monarch butterflies provided by Mexico's high elevation Oyamel fir forests: a review. Chap. 9 In: K. Oberhauser,S. Altizer, & K. Nail, eds., Monarchs in a Changing World: Biology and Conservation of an Iconic Insect, Cornell Univ. Press, Ithaca, NY. in press.

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Selected Non-technical Publications

Williams, E.H. 2012. Microclimates and the survival of overwintering monarchs. American Butterflies 20(2):8-13. pdf

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