Teaching Assistants in Professor Miller's labs

Some students were interested in returning to a course to serve as an undergraduate teaching assistant. They arranged time in their continuing academic schedule to provide weekly service in one or more labs. They were not lab preparators or graders under my supervision, they were thoughtful peer teaching assistants who learned more by doing extra time with anatomy of development from another perspective with their peers. Some went above-and-beyond to offer help sessions before lab practicals. The college paid modestly only for their time in class. Many earned advanced degrees in subsequent years. Letters like MS, PhD, MD, DO, DDS and DVM could be added to the list, but my information may not complete so I recognize their continued energy and ability generally. I do know that all were ambitious, organized, intelligent, personable and capable. I am grateful for their assistance and recognize them here.

Teaching Assistants in the Anatomy Lab

2016: Alexander Kaplan, '16
2014: Alexander Kaplan, '16
2012: Ashley Williams, '12
2011: Gary Bedrosian, '11
2010: Lyle Cleary, '12
2009: Matthew Crowson, '09
2008: Matthew Chuff, '08
2007: Lauren Wilson, '07
2007: Elizabeth Gilliams, '07
2005: Samir Majmudar, '06
2003: Sam Klempner, '03
2003: Jen Browning, '04
2002: Kate Sanborn, '03
2001: Dan Fillius, '02
2001: Kate Sanborn, '03
1995: Emily Merkin, '95
1994: Faith Morgan, '94
: Julie Tignor, '94
1992: Steve Knohl, '93
1992: Dean Tyrell, '93
1991: Cheryl Michaelson, '92
1990: Nancy Shafer, '92

Prior to 1990 I did not have TA's in my course labs. The college advertised that labs were taught by professors, and I had not considered the value of the experience and the review for exceptional students. I expected interested students to request the experience, and I was fortunate to have good choices.

Teaching Assistants in the Embryology Lab

2007: Matt Chuff, '08
2006: Lauren Wilson, '07
2005: Samir Majmudar, '06
2005: Megan Malone, '06
2002: Sam Kelmpner, '03

This page is being prepared as I retire and lose the ability to edit web pages. The second list may not be complete, but my written records are in a box at home. If I have overlooked someone, please be assured that I have not forgotten how fortunate I was to have good students who were persistent in helping me to see the value in including them in my teaching efforts.

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