Class of 2009 Senior Research in Biology

29 April 2009

Science Center Kennedy Auditorium

6:00 pm

Emma Stewart

Chemical defenses: An investigation of the role allelopathy in the invasive success of four local invasive plants

6:10 pm

Alexander Paridon

The effect of temperature on seasonal polyphenism observed in Phycoides tharos, Pieris rapae, and Colias eurytheme

6:20 pm

Lindsey Wong

Industrial and agricultural contaminants in aquatic systems in central New York

6:30 pm

Trevor Pedrick

Scanning electron imaging of neurotensin- and insulin-containing paracrine cells in the urinary bladder of Chrysemys picta

6:40 pm

Kirsten Selden

Investigations into the morphology of the gastrointestinal tract in Chrysemys picta marginata and Chelydra serpentina using light and scanning electron microscopy

6:50 pm

Leandra Folk

Potential involvement of apoptosis in degradation of the ventral cardiac mesentery in the early chick embryo

7:00 pm


7:10 pm

Emily Stinson

Daily activity patterns of the desert box turtle, Terrapene ornata luteola, using temperature-logging I-Buttons®

7:20 pm

Victoria O'Neill

Seedling recruitment and establishment in Lupinus perennis

7:30 pm

Caitlin McCormick

An ecological investigation of soil Nematode communities in the Rome Sand Plains

7:40 pm

Maxwell Akuamoah-Boateng

A study of parasitic Nematodes in the starfish, Brisinga tasmani

7:50 pm

David Moroney and Alexander Hodgens

A molecular phylogenetic analysis of Nematoda: Oncholaimidae and Enoplidae



8:15 pm

Jillian Berkowitz

Investigations of the effect of temperature on remote iron and uranium reduction

8:25 pm

Marielle Matthews

An investigation of the kinetics of ligand-facilitated iron reduction

8:35 pm

Sarah Powell and Amy Rumack

Profiling microbial diversity and distribution in meromictic Green Lake, Fayetteville, NY

8:50 pm

Charlotte Spear

Analyzing proteins needed for Plasmodium merozoite binding to erythrocytes using microarray

9:00 pm

Will Caffry

Measuring offspring dispersal in Uta stansburiana through microsatellite analysis

9:10 pm

Alice Popejoy

Investigating and informing public knowledge and attitudes about DNA, genetic testing, and the Law

9:20 pm


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