Learning by Going

Fortunate opportunities to travel provided continuing education, professional enrichment, and experience with diverse areas of our planet. Many trips involved camping and hiking. Several were with groups of scientists. I have presented my science on 3 continents. All of my trips focused on biology, geology, and the people. I prefer a window seat on any airplane, and I do not sleep when there is a view. The informative, artistic, and ever-changing views of biomes, geology and meteorology are part of my continuing education. I encourage students to consider the value of travel as a learning opportunity.

Selected adventures:

East Africa: Wildlife around Nile headwaters and a hike to the Kilimanjaro summit

Egypt: Culture and history along the Nile

Galápagos: A biological pilgrimage with culture in Ecuador

Madagascar: Unique biology and interesting geology

China: two trips: A Great Wall, tombs and temples, great rivers, Hong Kong before and after, and the roof of the world

Perú: Birding along the Amazon river-sea, Inca ruins and trails, and the Altiplano around Lake Titicaca

Iceland: two trips: Geology with geologists and and emphasis wildlife on a return trip

Canada: many trips: Vancouver Island, Montreal, Maritimes and polar bears waiting near Churchill, Manitoba for ice on Hudson Bay

Newfoundland and Nova Scotia: Impressive bore tides, ancient tectonic evidence, culture and history

England: two trips: "Heritage of Olde England" and "Jane Austen's England"

Europe: many trips; many countries: history, culture, museums, Gibraltar and a walk to the summit of Vesuvio

Russia: Moscow, Yaroslavl and St. Petersburg with academic colleagues

Siberia/Far East Russia: Lake Baikal, the Great Siberian Taiga and the Trans Siberian Railroad

Mexico: towns at the borders of Texas, Arizona and California decades ago

Yucatan: Sea turtles laying eggs, interesting geology and Aztec ruins

United States: Camping, skiing, and highpoint hiking that includes biogeography and history

Colorado: the privilege of growing up camping, hiking and skiing in pre-interstate Rocky Mountains

Hawaii: three trips: Snorkeling with whale song, a hike down to a historic Leper Colony, biology and volcanic geology from below sea level to over 13,000 ft.

Alaska: Turnagain Arm bore tide and a train north past Denali to view aurora borealis, ski and ride with sled dogs

Grand Canyon: three trips: camping, hiking, riding, and appreciating geology while floating through it

Caribbean Islands: four trips: Puerto Rico, Grenada, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago: Birds and sea turtles

... and more explorations to come !

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