2010 Department News

General News:

  • The department welcomes two new people for the 2010-11 academic year: Arpita Banerjee, visiting assistant professor of economics, and Joan Kane, academic office assistant.

Student Awards:

  • Congratulations to the 18 seniors who received Honors in Economics in 2009-2010: Axel Azcué, Jiong Chen, Fallon Chipidza, Marcus Dormanen, David Foster, Mark Garcia, Matthias Hunkeler, Amanda Jordan, Adah Jung, Xiyue Li, Michael London, Carolyn Meyer, Lindsay Repp, Zachari Shockley, Ian Stearns, Laura Tornatore, Perrin Van Allen, and Fenglin Zhao!
  • The department selected Carolyn Meyer, Lindsay Repp and Ian Stearns, to receive the Soper Research Prize in Economics for the 2009-2010 academic year.
  • The Soper Essay Prize for 2009-2010 went to Timothy Belden and Andrew Rogan.
  • The Department selected David Foster and Ian Stearns to receive the Senior Prize in Economics for the 2009-2010 academic year.
  • The Sidney and Eleanor Wertimer prize Scholarships in Economics for the 2009-2010 academic year were awarded to Samuel Cowan, Wei Shi and Yuanxin Zhu. This prize is awarded annually to juniors who have excelled in the study of economics.
  • Hamilton's current members of ODE, the national undergraduate economics honors society, are: Axel Azcué, Anna Barnard, Noah Carr, Fallon Chipidza, Marcus Dormanen, David Foster, Benjamin Freeman, Marc Garcia, Alissa Goddard, Amanda Jordan, Adah Jung, John Lawrence, Xiyue Li, Michael London, Carolyn Meyer, Brian Milstone, Mark Paganelli, Makenzie Pelletier, Lindsay Repp, Kaitlyn Riester, Andrew Rogan, Catherine Schafer, Zachari Shockley, Ian Stearns, Laura Tornatore, and Marc Trostle.

Student Research:

  • A number of Economics majors have worked with Economics faculty on Summer research projects during recent Summers. During Summer 2010, these included Steve Mello, Xu Shichen, Bill Shinehouse, and Hanbin Yang. Faculty working with students this summer included Christophre Georges, Derek Jones, and Steve Wu.
  • For some students, research either during the summer, or on senior theses, or as research assistants during the year, has led to coauthored papers. Examples include Ann Owen and Rongling You '04, “Growth, Attitudes towards Women, and Women's Welfare,” Review of Developmet Economics, 2009; Derek Jones and Kosali Ilayperuma '94, “Determinants of Employee Participation in Firm-Level Decision Making: Evidence from Bulgaria,” Advances in Economic Analysis of Participatory and Labor Managed Firms, 1998, and "Wage Determination under Plan and Early Transition: Bulgarian Evidence using Matched Employer-Employee Data," Jouranal of Comparative Economics, June 2005; Julio Videras and Christopher Bordoni '07 “Ethnic Heterogeneity and the Enforcement of Environmental Regulation,” Review of Social Economy, December 2006. Ann Owen and David Trzepacz '00, "Menu costs, Firm Strategy, and Price Rigidity," Economics Letters, September 2002; Ann Owen and Christopher Fogelstrom '03, “Monetary Policy Implications of Electronic Currency: An Empirical Analysis,” Applied Economics Letters; June 2005; Ann Owen and Bing Yu '05 , “Regional Differences in Wage Inequality Across Industries in China,” Applied Economics Letters; February 2008; Chris Georges and John C. Wallace '03 "Learning Dynamics and Nonlinear Misspecification In an Artificial Financial Market," Macroeconomic Dynamics 2009.

Faculty Activities:

  • A sample of recent and forthcoming publications by Department Faculty: Emily Conover “Manipulation of Social Program Eligibility: Detection, Explanations and Consequences for Empirical Research", forthcoming American Economic Journal: Economic Policy; Stephen Wu “Objective Confirmation of Subjective Measures of Human Well-being: Evidence from USA” (with Andrew J. Oswald), Science, January 2010; "Well Being Across America" (with Andrew J. Oswald), forthcoming Review of Economics and Statistics; Erol Balkan "Reproducing Class" (with Henry Rutz), Berghan Publishers, New York 2009; Derek Jones “Teams, Performance-Related Pay, Profit-Sharing and Productive Efficiency: Evidence from a Food-Processing Plant” (with Panu Kalmi and Antti Kauhanen), Industrial and Labor Relations Review; July 2010; “How does Employee Involvement Stack up? The Effects of Human Resource Management Policies on Performance in a Retail Firm” (with Panu Kalmi and Antti Kauhanen), Industrial Relations, January 2010; “Corporate Governance, Firm Size and Liquidity Constraints: A Dynamic Analysis” (with Bersant Hobdari and Niels Mygind), Comparative Economic Studies; January 2010; “The Productivity Effects of Stock Options: Evidence from Finland” (with Panu Kalmi and Miko Makinen), Journal of Productivity Analysis, February 2010; “Co-operatives and Employee Ownership” (with Panu Kalmi), International Encyclopedia of Civil Society, January 2010; Elizabeth Jensen Imperfectly Competitive Product Markets” 21st Century Economics A Reference Handbook, 2010; Elizabeth Jensen and Stephen Wu “Early decision and college performance” Economics of Education Review, August 2010; Christophre Georges Learning Dynamics and Nonlinear Misspecification in an Artificial Financial Market” (with John C. Wallace), Macroecnomic Dynamics, November 2009; Ann Owen, Julio Videras and Stephen Wu “Identity and Environmentalism: The Influence of Community Characteristics” forthcoming Review of Social Economy; “More Information Isn't Always Better: The Case of Voluntary Provision of Environmental Quality” forthcoming Economic Inquiry; Ann Owen and Julio Videras “Reconsidering Social Capital: A Latent Class Approach” forthcoming Empirical Economics; Ann Owen “Grades, Gender and Encouragement: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis,” Journal of Economic Education, August 2010; “Do all Countries Follow the Same Growth Process?” (with Julio Videras and Lewis Davis), Journal of Economic Growth, December 2009; Derek Jones Trust, inequality and the size of the co-operative sector: cross-country evidence" (with Panu Kalmi) Annals of Public and Co-operative Economy, May 2009; “Capital Investment and Determinants of Financial Constraints in Estonia" (with Bersant Hobdari and Niels Mygind), Economic Systems December 2009; “The Effects of Offline Teams on Firm Performance: Evidence from an Econometric Case Study" (with Takao Kato), forthcoming Industrial and Labor Relations Review; “The Incidence, Adoption and Attrition of Financial Participation: Evidence from the Finnish Manufacturing Sector" (with Panu Kalmi, Miko Makinen and Takao Kato), forthcoming International Journal of Human Resource Management; “The Effects of High Performance Workplace Practices on Firm and Worker Outcomes: Evidence From a Croatian Econometric Case Study" (with Srecko Goic), forthcoming Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory and Labour Managed Firms; "The Effects of Training on performance and Incomes; Econometric Evidence from Finnish Cooprative Banks" (with Panu Kalmi and Antti Kauhanen), forthcoming Oxford Economic Papers; "The Mondragon Co-operatives: An Assessment Using New Data (with Saioa Arando, Fred Freundlich, Monica Gago and Takao Kato) forthcoming LERA; "Cooperative Enterprise" (with Panu Kalmi), forthcoming Handbook on the Economics of Philanthropy, Reciprocity and Social Enterprise.

General Faculty News:

In June 2010, Chris Georges participated in an international Workshop on Agent-based Modeling of the Economy and the Crisis of 2007-09, organized by Doyne Farmer and Rob Axtell in Washington DC. The workshop was covered by the Economist here: Agents of Change

In November 2009, Elizabeth Jensen was an invited participant in the CeMent regional workshop funded through the American Economic Association held in San Antonio, TX. This workshop was part of a series designed to mentor young women economists about issues ranging from teaching effectively to balancing work, family and professional networking.

In January 2009, Stephen Wu presented "Lost in Translation: The Economics Pipeline for U.S. versus Foreign Undergraduates" at the annual meetings of the American Economic Association.

Economics department members Emily Conover, Ann Owen, Julio Videras and Steve Wu are working with sociology professor Steve Ellingson on a nationally representative household survey.  The survey, in the field in August 2009, contains several questions relating to pro-environment behavior and attitudes and social networks.

In July 2009 Hamilton College hosted the 5th Annual Workshop in Macroeconomic Research in Liberal Arts colleges.

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