2011-12 News

Faculty News:

  • The department welcomes Daniel Barth who joins us as an assistant professor of economics. Danny received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University and specializes in financial economics.
  • Our friend and colleague, Jim Bradfield, has retired after an extraordinary 36 year career at the College. Jim has been a tremendously popular teacher and a wonderful colleague and will be missed by all.
  • Congratulatins to Stephen Wu who was promoted to Professor of Economics effective July 1, 2012.
  • Congratulations to Betsy Jensen, chosen as the Christan A. Johnson Excellence in Teaching Professor for 2011-2014.
  • Two faculty members currently hold endowed chairs:  Derek Jones is the Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics and Ann Owen is the Henry Platt Bristol Professor in Public Policy.
  • In May 2011 Steve Wu was honored with the Dean's Scholarly Award for Notable Year Achievement. In May 2009 Ann Owen was selected as the recipient of the Dean's Scholarly Achievement Award for Early Career Achievement. Congratulations to both!
  • Julio Videras currently serves as the Director of the Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center.
  • We had a great turnout for the fall departmental social gathering an September 20 with food from The Phoenician Restuarant. Well over 50 students attended along with department faculty and staff. Many thanks to Betsy Jensen who organized the gathering.

Student Awards:

  • Yinghan Ding, an economics and mathematics double major, was the valedictorian for the Hamilton Class of 2012.
  • Congratulations to the 17 seniors who received Honors in Economics in 2011-12: Louis Boguchwal, Brandon Broad, Henry Burchenal, Yinghan Ding, Evan Feagans, Sarah Flisnik, David Hibbard, Mai-Linh Hoang, Sara Leshen, Hon Cheung Ng, Matthew Poterba, Wei (Chris) Shi, Kristin Stenerson, Wil Thoreson-Green, Kendall Weir, Zijun Zhang and Victor Zimmermann!
  • The department selected Louis Boguchwal, Matthew Poterba, Kristin Stenerson and Kendall Weir to receive the Soper Research Prize in Economics for the 2011-2012 academic year.
  • The Soper Essay Prize for 2011-2012 went to Michelle Bacon and Benjamin Schwartz.
  • The Department selected Yinghan Ding, Kristin Stenerson, David Hibbard, Wei (Chris) Shi and Evan Feagans to receive the Senior Prize in Economics for the 2011-2012 academic year.
  • The Sidney and Eleanor Wertimer prize Scholarships in Economics for the 2011-2012  academic year were awarded to Yifei Chen,  Mihai Dohotaru, Noah Ford, Rachel Friedman and Marta Johnson. This prize is awarded annually to juniors who have excelled in the study of economics.
  • Hamilton'sSpring 2012 inductees of ODE, the national undergraduate economics honors society, are: Daniel Bartus, Elizabeth Bilharz, Yifei Chen, Mallory Dawson, Mihai Dohotaru, Andrew Dubowitz,  Sarah Flisnik, Jonathan Fung, Benjamin Hootnik, Marta Johnson, Nina Kraus, Kate Otley, Matthew Poterba, Hannah Rogge,  Adam Wenick, and Hanbin Yang.
  • The department hosted a reception for the 19 students who participated in the senior research seminar (Econ 560) during Senior Week.
  • ​Steven Mello '11 has been selected as the 2011-12 winner of the national Frank W. Taussig Article Award for a paper he wrote as an undergraduate; "Do Changes in Condom Availability Impact Short-Term Fertility? Evidence from Rwanda".

Student Research:

A number of Economics majors have worked with Economics faculty on Summer research projects during recent Summers

Summer 2012

Julian Aronowitz '14 with Professor of Economics Elizabeth Jensen
A Network Analysis of the Interconnectivity of Financial Firms

Beril Esen '13 with Lecturer in Economics Nesecan Balkan
Domestic Violence against Women in Istanbul, Turkey

Pauline Wafula '13 with Associate Professor of Economics Stephen Wu
Female Education and HIV/AIDS Prevalence in Kenya

Nicholas Andres Yepes '15 with Assistant Professor of Economics Emily Conover
A Needs Assessment of Guarani Migrant Entrepreneurs in Asuncion, Paraguay

Summer 2011

Yinghan Ding '12 and Lecturer in Economics Margaret Morgan-Davie
Challenges in Climate Finance: How to Ensure a Measurable, Reportable, and Verifiable Support to Climate Action in Developing Countries

Mihai Dohotaru '13 and Professor of Economics Christophre Georges
The Housing Bubble and the US Labor Market after the ‘Great Recession

Noah Ford '13 and Professor of Economics Paul Hagstrom
The Effects of Local Networks on First and Second Generation Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the United States

Summer 2010

Steven Mello '11 with Associate Professor of Economics Stephen Wu
Contraception as Health Development in Rwanda

William Shinehouse '11 and Associate Professor of Economics Stephen Wu
The Effects of Pledging a Greek Organization on Academic Outcomes

Xu Shichen '12 with Derek Jones, the Irma M. and Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics
The Behavior of Employee-owned Firms: Evidence from the Mondragon Cooperatives

Hanbin Yang '12 with Professor of Economics Christophre Georges
Chinese Technological Innovation in High-tech manufacturing Industry: A Case Study of the Semiconductor Industry

For some students, research either during the summer, or on senior theses, or as research assistants during the year, has led to coauthored papers. Examples include: ​​

  • Ann Owen and Brent Palmer '11, “Macroeconomic conditions and technical trading profitability in foreign exchange markets,” Applied Economics Letters. 2012;
  • Ann Owen and Rongling You '04, “Growth, Attitudes towards Women, and Women's Welfare,” Review of Development Economics, 2009;
  • Chris Georges and John C. Wallace '03 "Learning Dynamics and Nonlinear Misspecification In an Artificial Financial Market," Macroeconomic Dynamics 2009.

Faculty Activities:

Recent and forthcoming publications are located on the faculty pages.