Prisoner's Dilemma

The prisoner's dilemma is a game where two sides attempt to anticipate the others decisions.

Starting the Server

After you have downloaded the file from the website, double click it to "unzip" the files to your desktop. There should be a folder named Prisoner's Dilemma. Inside of it is a file called PDServer.bat. Double click this to start the server.

Configuring the Server

After the server has started, you can set a couple of the characteristics of the game. The top field allows you to input the number of rounds that will be played. The number of rounds can be either chosen at random or by inputing the number. To choose a number of rounds at random you must select the percentage button and enter a probability in the form of a number between 0 and 1 corresponding to a percent. Or click set number to input a set number of rounds.

The second section allows you to modify the prisoner's dilemma matrix. The numbers correspond to the decisions that the players can make. These can be changed to allow different dominant strategys to be employed.

After setting up the server, click Start Server to begin the game.

Starting the Clients

The procedure for being a client is the same as the server, except you open the PDClient.bat file instead. This file will open and you must enter the ip supplied by server. After which it will take you into the game screen. From here all that needs to be done is to click Cooperate or Defect.