Recent Department News

Faculty News:

  • Two visiting faculty members will be with us for the 2017-18 academic year. They are, Mike Hsu and Olga Rud
  • Wei Zhan joined us as assistant professor of economics on July 1, 2017. 
  • Erol Balkan will direct the NYC Program for the Fall 2017 semester.
  • Two faculty members currently hold endowed chairs:  Derek Jones is the Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics and Ann Owen is the Henry Platt Bristol Professor in Public Policy.
  • Save the date for the Fall semester social gathering for economics concentrators - Thursday, November 30. 

Student Awards:

  • Congratulations to the seniors who received Honors in Economics in 2016-17: Ayodele Adjibaba, Elizabeth Barry, Matthew Burner, Jonathan Carkeek, Jillian Donze, Gregory Elliott, Jeffrey Greenwald, Zachary Hardmeyer, Lindsay Heyer, James Hunter, Wenyu Jin, Isaac Kirschner, Donggi Lee, Neema  Lema, Brett Mele, Hannah O’Leary, Séamus O’Neill, Rui Osaka, Kyle Pitman, Magdalena Stoyantcheva, Sarah Sull, and Jaemin Woo
  • The department selected Michelle Chapman and Matthew Glebus to receive the Soper Essay Prize in Economics for the 2016-17 academic year.
  • The Department selected Gregory Elliot, Lindsay Heyer, Neema Lema and Magdalena Stoyantcheva to receive the Senior Prize in Economics for the 2016-17 academic year.
  • The Sidney and Eleanor Wertimer Prize Scholarships in Economics for the 2016-17  academic year were awarded to Hollister Bobola, Noah Kramer, Theodore McKenna, Noah Weissman and Christine Zizzi. This prize is awarded annually to juniors who have excelled in the study of economics.
  • Hamilton's 2015-16 members of ODE, the national undergraduate economics honors society, are: Elizabeth Barry, Scott Becker, Cole Bodak, Matthew Burner, Charlotte Chandler, Alison Clarke, Emily Davidshofer, Matthew Dickstein, Jillian Donze, Gregory Elliott, Michelle Fish, Morgan Fletcher, Matthew Glebus, Jeffrey Greenwald, Zachary Hardmeyer, Lindsay Heyer, Alexander Hollister, James Hunter, Meichen Jin, Wenyu Jin, Isaac Kirschner, Neema Lema, Ryan McAlonan, Meredith Manchester, Matthew McCarron, Hannah O'Leary, Seamus O'Neill, Rui Osaka, Philip Parkes, John Rhodes, Hunter Sobczak, Emma Solis-Cohen, Sarah Sull, Zhixiong Wang, Tianyu Yang, Logan Yu,  Hollister Bobola, Kara Burns,  Daniel  Depaoli,  Sarah Hoover,  Jingxian  Hu,  Theodore  McKenna, Haoxiang Yang, and Christine Zizzi. 
  • The department hosted a reception for the 23 students who participated in the senior research seminar (Econ 560) during Senior Week.

Student Research

Economics majors have worked with Economics faculty on Summer research projects in the recent past. 

Professor Ann Owen and Jaemin Woo ‘17:  "Forecasting Private Consumption with Google Trends Data" 

Faculty Activities:

Recent and forthcoming publications are located on the faculty pages.