Monopoly Instructions

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The Object of the game is to make as much money as you can in 20 rounds. You are given information about your costs but not about the demand schedule for your product (this demand schedule is the same in each period). Therefore, you must experiment in order to discover the price and quantity that maximizes your profit. If in any round you can't sell all of the good that you have offered, the surplus spoils (i.e., you incur the cost of production today, but you can't sell it later).

How to Play:

Type a price into the box where it says "Enter your Offer Price" and a quantity into the box labeled "Enter your Offer Quantity".
You may only enter whole numbers up to 20 for quantity.
Once you enter a price and quantity click the "Submit Offer" button.
The results of your offer will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the game.
At any time you can click "View History" to see how you did in past rounds.
Remember that the game lasts only 20 rounds, so choose your prices wisely.
The average cost is displayed at the left hand side the game. Use these to help determine what price and quantity to set.
If you want to play again after 20 rounds, hit the reload button on your browser.