Carol Drogus, Ph.D.
Professor of Government

Carol Ann Drogus (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison), Associate Professor of Government, studies comparative politics, emphasizing Latin America, particularly Brazil. She is the author of Women, Religion, and Social Change in Brazil's Popular Church (University Press of Notre Dame Press, 1997). Her most recent articles are "No Land of Milk and Honey: Women CEB Activists and Politics in Post-Transition Brazil," Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs (Winter 1999-2000), and "Religious Pluralism and Social Change: Coming to Terms with Complexity and Convergence," Latin American Research Review (Winter 2000). Her articles have also appeared in Comparative Politics, Southeastern Political Review, Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions (France), Der uberblick (Germany), and Tempo e Presenca (Brazil), as well as the edited volumes Conflict and Competition: The Latin American Church in the 1990s (1992), Power, Politics, and Pentecostals in Latin America (1997), and The Progressive Catholic Church as a Catalyst for Social Change in the Americas (2000).

Professor Drogus has received Fulbright and Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Grants, and has been a Residential Fellow at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame (1992-93). She and Emily Roynestad '00 received an Emerson grant for summer collaborative research. The paper they wrote, "Market Citizens or Union Maids?: Working Women and Politics in a Globalized Chile" won an award at the Middle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies meeting in April 2000.

She is currently writing a book on women political activists in post-military Brazil and Chile, with Cecilia Loreto Mariz (UERJ, Brazil), Maria das Campos Machado (UFRRJ, Brazil), and Hannah Stewart-Gambino (Lehigh University).

Professor Drogus teaches courses on comparative politics, Latin American politics, and gender and politics. Her other research and teaching interests include popular political movements, religion and politics, human rights, and ethics.

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Women, Religion, ans Social Change in Brazil's Popular Church (1997)




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