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ADVANCED SOLO PERFORMANCE is a college level course for which a letter grade is given and a defined level of expertise and a certain number of performances are required.  It is required for and open only to students who are preparing half or full recitals approved by the Music Department.  Advanced Solo Performance may also be taken during the semester prior to the one in which the recital is scheduled.

A. Mus 326: 1 hour lessons for 1/2 credit.
B. Students must be performing at an advanced level and in preparation for a half or full recital that is approved by the Music Department and scheduled on the official Department calendar.
C. Letter grade given.
D. Public performance required (see details below).
E. Students in Advanced Solo Performance must either have completed or co-register for Mus 110 or 210 or pass the Music Theory Placement Exam.  Successful appearance on a) two Student Concerts or b) one Student Concert and a major soloist role with an ensemble or c) one Student Concert and a List Musicale is required.
F. Consent of Instructor required.

Grades are based on:

A. improvement in

1. technique
2. musicianship
3. performance

B. practice

1. five 60-minute practice sessions per week required
2. an unprepared lesson is considered an unexcused absence

C. lesson attendance

1. two unexcused absences result in a midterm warning
2. three unexcused absences result in course failure

D. concert attendance (programs on which the student is not performing;  one of which must be the Student Concert)

1. hour lessons:  five concerts required per semester
2. other events as required by the teacher
3. failure to meet concert attendance requirement will result in a grade reduction
4. Students are expected to purchase any necessary materials for this course.

Performance Requirements

In each semester of study, students in Advanced Solo Performance must a) perform on at least one Weekday Musicale and audition for the student concert, or b) perform on a List Musicale, or c) present a half or full recital.  Students who present recitals (List Musicales or full/half recitals) may choose to audition for the Student concert provided they do so with repertoire different from that performed in their recitals.  A student who fails to participate in any one of these required performances will automatically fail the course.  Click here for more information about these performance opportunities.
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