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APPLIED MUSIC is a preparatory course for which a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade is given and no defined level of expertise or performance is required, with the exception that the ability to match pitch is a prerequisite for the study of voice.

A. Mus 125: 1/2 hour lessons for 1/4 credit
B. Mus 126: 1 hour lessons for 1/2 credit
C. Graded S/U (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory)
D. Students are encouraged to move to Solo Performance when they are ready, in consultation with their instructor.
E. New Applied Music students whose skill level is determined by the instructor to be ready for Solo Performance may change their enrollment to Solo Performance any time prior to the 4th lesson of the semester.
F. Applied Music students are subject to the following limitations:

  1. Applied Music students are not eligible for professional accompanist.
  2. Applied Music students may not audition for the Student Concert.
  3. Applied Music students are not guaranteed a performance slot on the weekday musicales.

Grades are based on:

A. Improvement in

1. Technique
2. Musicianship
3. Performance

B. Practice

1. Five 30-minute practice sessions per week required for 1/2 hour lessons
2. Five 60-minute practice sessions per week required for 1 hour lessons
3. An unprepared lesson is considered an unexcused absence

C. Lesson Attendance

1. Two unexcused absences result in a midterm warning
2. Three unexcused absences result in course failure

D. Concert Attendance (programs on which the student is not performing, one of which must be the Student Concert)

1. Hour lessons:  five concerts required per semester
2. Half hour lessons:  three concerts required per semester
3. Other events as required by the teacher
4. Failure to meet concert attendance requirement will result in a grade reduction
5. Students are expected to purchase any necessary materials for this course.