Heather Buchman, Department Chair
315-859-4568 (fax)
Office: List 233


Chamber Ensembles

Not only is much great music composed for chamber ensembles, playing chamber music is invaluable for developing ensemble skills and musicianship. Chamber groups meet once a week for coaching with members of the adjunct music faculty, and rehearse at least once a week on their own. The specific ensembles are based on student interest, and typically include at least one string group (string quartet or variant), Brass Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, and other woodwind groups. Chamber groups perform both on campus and for various community venues and events. Two chamber groups recently performed on the sidewalk at the One World Flower Fest at Oneida Square in Utica, a collaboration between various educational institutions and arts organizations to raise awareness for the potential of the arts to help revitalize urban neighborhoods.

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