Heather Buchman, Department Chair
315-859-4568 (fax)
Office: List 233


Department Handbook

Click here to download a pdf of the Handbook.  All Music concentrators and minors as well as students enrolled in private lessons are particularly urged to consult the complete Handbook.

The policies and guidelines of the Music Department have been established by the music faculty as well as affiliated staff and administrators.  Our aim is to ensure that each student in our program receives a music education of the highest quality and consistency.  To that end, this handbook outlines information, guidelines, and policies that will help you plan your music study at Hamilton.

The department believes that students must take responsibility for their education, and so it is the job of each student to be aware of policies and procedures pertaining to her/his music study.  Requests for clarification of policies are welcome at any time and should be addressed to the department chair or appropriate administrator or staff person.