Heather Buchman, Department Chair
315-859-4568 (fax)
Office: List 233



The Digital Music Studio

The Digital Music Studio is a primary workspace and classroom for students taking Mus 277 (Music in Contemporary Media), Mus 377 (Electronic Arts Workshop), and Mus 368 and Mus 369 (Musical Composition) and for students doing senior projects in musical composition.  Due to resource limitations, this facility is not available for use by students who are not enrolled in these courses or who have not completed one of these courses.

Work in the Studio is principally based on the use of Macintosh computers running such software as Pro Tools, Logic Studio, Max/MSP/Jitter, and QuteCsound.

To listen to music that has been created in the Studio by students, faculty, and guests, visit this link:

Or, visit our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/HamDigArts