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Required Materials & Photocopying Guidelines

As with any college course, students are expected to purchase any necessary materials for this course.  Your instructor can advise you how best to do this.

The photocopying of copyrighted music (or copying by any other means) is not legal unless the copyright owner has granted permission, or unless the duplication meets the requirements for what has been legally defined as “fair use.”  Examples of “fair use,” recognized by copyright law, include photocopying to avoid difficult page turns, and the photocopying of “study score” on which analytical marks are to be made.  The doctrine of “fair use” does not include materials to be used for a performance, or for study that may lead to a performance.  This is a particularly sensitive issue at an institution, such as a college, that is involved in the creation of intellectual property, since the protection of such property is the purpose of the copyright law.

Students who intend to audition for a public performance will therefore be expected to purchase the necessary musical scores and parts, or the use the materials that have already been purchased by either the College Library or by the Department of Music.  Student soloists must insure that their pianists are playing from purchased copies.  Any student who arrives at an audition with photoduplicated music, and who cannot demonstrate that a copy has already been placed on order, shall be disqualified from the audition.