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Practice Rooms, Lockers, and Instrument Borrowing & Rental

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Practice Rooms

There are fourteen practice rooms available for student use.  Eleven rooms are outfitted with a piano (electric, upright, or baby grand). If you do not need a piano, please try to use a room with an electric keyboard. All practice rooms have a music stand assigned to them and are monitored on a frequent basis. There is a sign-up sheet on each door so that students may sign up to use the room at different times and days. There is a limit of no more than 2 hours per day in each room.  Hours will be blocked out when instruction is scheduled in a room. Think ahead and plan practice time into your regular daily/weekly schedules, signing up for times that you know will be yours. Don’t expect to find an empty room whenever you choose to look for one.

Three of the rooms are located in List on the first floor (List 108, List 110, & List 128)

Four of the rooms are located in List on the second floor and are clearly marked “Practice Room.”  There is one additional practice room on the second floor of List which is used primarily for music instruction (List 206).  However, students registered for Solo Performance or Advanced Solo Performance in Piano may use this room for practice when not in use by a music instructor.  Only these students will be able to get a key for the lock from Kim Carroll, Music Dept. Academic Office Assistant.  None of these rooms in List are open for use by students playing amplified instruments.

Six practice rooms are located in the basement of McEwen, 002A - 002F.  Two of these practice rooms are available only for students who take instruction in percussion and the harp. These students will receive a key to unlock the door (percussion students must pay a key deposit – see Kim Carroll, Music Dept. Academic Office Assistant, for details). The remainder of these rooms is available to all students, including those who play amplified instruments.  To use a McEwen practice room, students must come to the Music Dept. office and ask for an entrance code to that practice room area.

Students who study organ practice in the chapel.  Keys to the organ are provided by Kim Carroll, Music Dept. Academic Office Assistant.

The Harpsichord Practice Room is to be used only by students who have permission from their piano teacher.  Use by other students without permission from a music faculty member will result in disciplinary action.

Because the soundproofing in all the practice rooms is of limited effectiveness and because they are in close proximity to classrooms and offices, NONE on the second floor of List are available for use by campus bands with drum sets or amplified instruments.  For the same reason, classrooms in Schambach and List are also not available for use by campus bands with drum sets or amplified instruments.  Students are advised to inquire at the Office of Residential Life for space where groups using amplified instruments can rehearse without disrupting the studies of other students.

The department pianos are tuned and serviced regularly by Lee Piano Services.  All problems with department pianos should be reported to Colleen Pellman.
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Lockers are available in List and Schambach for storing musical instruments.  Students in instrumental group performance ensembles are given first priority, and sign-ups for these lockers will be held at 8:30 p.m. in Wellin Hall on the first Tuesday of classes each term.  Others interested in obtaining a locker (students taking private music lessons) may stop in the Music Dept. office and sign up for one beginning the first Wednesday of each term. The department does not provide lockers or other storage space to students who are not enrolled for music lessons or who do not require lockers or storage space as participants in an ensemble.  The lockers in List are located in and just outside of List 213.  The lockers in Schambach are located in the basement, in the hallway between the Theatre Studio and Music Library.  To secure these lockers, a student will need to come to the Music Dept. office and sign out a combination padlock.  There is no charge for this.  Students must be responsible for securing their instruments and keeping their locker locked.  A student may acquire a locker in Schambach by signing up in the Music Dept. office.  The use of padlocks that are not provided by the Music Department is not permitted, and they will be removed.
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Instrument Borrowing & Rental

A limited number of department-owned orchestral and jazz instruments are available for use by students who are members of group performance ensembles.  Interested students should consult Professor Buchman for orchestral instruments or Professor Woods for jazz instruments.  A deposit may be required.  Please consult Kim Carroll, Music Dept. Academic Office Assistant, for the policies and procedures on instrument borrowing and rental.
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