a Tribute to a Very Special Alma Mater

Here's a recording of the first and third verses, sung by the College Choir,
on an LP recording from the 1980's:

Carissima (mp3 file).


Here's an alternative arrangement of Hamilton's alma mater,
Carissima (mp3 file).
I think it sounds rather nice with this harmonization.
(copyright 1996 by Samuel Pellman)

Here's how it sounded to me the night a piano dropped out of the sky and grazed the back of my head:
The Charissimatic Rag (mp3 file).
(copyright 1996 by Samuel Pellman)

I'm very fond of this arrangement, by Bob Abrams ('53):
A Country Carissima (mp3 file).
(copyright 1996 by Bob Abrams)

Ja! Mein
Polkarissima! (mp3 file).
(copyright 2001 by Samuel Pellman)

Evocations of warm winter nights on the Wellin waterfront:
Sambarissima (mp3 file).
(copyright 2001 by Samuel Pellman)

A well-groomed Carissima:
Barberissima (mp3 file).
arranged by Prof. Robert Hopkins,
sung by the Barbers of the Hill,
May 2015

From the pastures of College Hill, by Peter van Siclen ('06):
Baaarissima! (mp3 file).
(copyright 2006 by Peter van Siclen)

Hey! You too can contribute something to this page!
We're eagerly awaiting even newer arrangements of this beloved alma mater, including:

a Rhumbarissima
a Reggaerissima
a Skarissima
a Yogarissima

and so many more!