Trump-it!, by Samuel Pellman


for Solo Trumpet

first movement: Intrada
second movement: Incidental Music for the Rising of the Moon
third movement: Scherzo

duration - approximately 7 minutes


Trump-it, for solo trumpet, was composed from 1975 to 1976 (and revised in 1981) and is dedicated to Marice Stith, of Cornell University. The first movement, "Intrada," is an eccentric fanfare, characterized by metric conflicts and "wrong" intervals. The second movement, "Incidental Music for the Rising of the Moon," utilizes mute and vibrato techniques to color and shape the sense of line and direction of the movement. Two general ideas are developed--long, sustained tones in the first section and a strictly regular pulsation in the second; these two ideas are then combined in the final lines of the movement. The final movement, "Scherzo," has a performance note that declares that:

In some places in this country some people in the audience may think that this movement is funny. These are the same people who belch loudly at the dinner table and then point to the person sitting next to them. At any rate, pay no attention to them. This movement is not at all funny and the performer should take care lest s/he give the audience any impression that it is.

The movement features a passage marked alla "mad chicken," that is followed by a coda mercifully reminiscent of the first movement of the work. To date, not a single critic anywhere has been moved to pronounce this work to be a major modern masterpiece. The composer is shocked and embittered by this.

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Here is a copy of the sheet music for the first movement:

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