MUS 277 - final projects

final projects

MUS 277 - Fall 2003

Adam Hobson, Static (mp3 file, 11.4 MB)

Alex Morrison, Take Control (mp3 file, 12 MB)

Bob Grannatt, Tee shirTs skirTs (mp3 file, 10.4 MB)

Bob Grannatt, the (AMC) not on TV (mp3 file, 9.4 MB)

John Frazier, The Final Rotary (mp3 file, 6.8 MB)

John Hemminger, Guitar Audition (mp3 file, 4.4 MB)

Charlie Kaier, edgar torrez (mp3 file, 20.9 MB)

Kat Hughes, Copyright Law (mp3 file, 6.6 MB)

Oriana Barros, Baskin Robbins (mp3 file, 6.5 MB)

Peter Van Siclen, Bridge Out (mp3 file, 3.6 MB)

Russell Pryba, The Church of Russ (mp3 file, 4.7 MB)

Sarah Ziegler, Changes (mp3 file, 6.1 MB)

Tom Zombek, A Composition in TZ Minor (mp3 file, 4.8 MB)

Vlad Rodriguez, Problems of a Latin Soldier (mp3 file, 4.9 MB)

Isaac Kaloko, Beautiful Woman (mp3 file, 11.4 MB)

Marris Mielnick, Controller (mp3 file, 7 MB)

(all files copyright 2003 by the Trustees of Hamilton College)

art by Mike To

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