MUS 277 - final projects

final projects

MUS 277 - Fall 2004

Ryan Bartz, Mr. Spacely's Nightmare (mp3 file, 5.3 MB)

Alexander Denton, Kind of Grace (mp3 file, 4.8 MB)

Michael Gruen, Rubik's cube my ear (mp3 file, 4.2 MB)

Danny Klag, Patchwerk 1981 (mp3 file, 5.3 MB)

Alex Klivecka, Final Project (mp3 file, 4.3 MB)

Annie Neikirk, America (mp3 file, 4.5 MB)

Jon Price, Enjoying the gra (mp3 file, 9.1 MB)

Zerisenai Sahle, Senai's new banger (mp3 file, 4.3 MB)

Benjamin Turner, The 1997 San Diego Padres (mp3 file, 5.5 MB)

Alex Ulreich, Sounds in this room (mp3 file, 3.7 MB)

Daniel Walker, Playing God (mp3 file, 6 MB)

JaeHyung Yu, Wrong Number (mp3 file, 7 MB)

Rebekah Grome, Wake Up (mp3 file, 5.3 MB)

Chris DiBlasi, Uncertain (mp3 file, 7 MB)

Tim Emmerick, Black River Bridge (mp3 file, 7.5 MB)

(all files copyright 2004 by the Trustees of Hamilton College)

art by Mike To

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