MUS 277 - musique concrete projects

musique concrète projects

MUS 277 - Fall 2005

First, a few commercial messages:

Larry Allen, commercial (mp3 file, 548 KB)

Michael Allen, commercial (mp3 file, 472 KB)

Zachary Balch, commercial (mp3 file, 448 KB)

Nathaniel Brewster, commercial (mp3 file, 584 KB)

Ashlee Childers, commercial (mp3 file, 516 KB)

Daniel Cymbal, commercial (mp3 file, 452 KB)

Margareth Ferruzola, commercial (mp3 file, 636 KB)

Timothy George, commercial (mp3 file, 572 KB)

James Head, commercial (mp3 file, 464 KB)

Benjamin Hecht, commercial (mp3 file, 588 KB)

Taylor Janes, commercial (mp3 file, 532 KB)

Brandon Long, commercial (mp3 file, 692 KB)

Merouane Merzoug, commercial (mp3 file, 468 KB)

Alfredo Rivera, commercial (mp3 file, 444 KB)

Charles Santiago, commercial (mp3 file, 452 KB)

Michael Simonelli, commercial (mp3 file, 688 KB)

Philip Tracy, commercial (mp3 file, 608 KB)

Gerron Woodruffe, commercial (mp3 file, 472 KB)

(all files copyright 2005 by the Trustees of Hamilton College)

Digital musique concrète:

Larry Allen, musique (mp3 file, 2.4 MB)

Michael Allen, musique (mp3 file, 1.8 MB)

Zachary Balch, musique (mp3 file, 1.9 MB)

Nathaniel Brewster, musique (mp3 file, 2.3 MB)

Ashlee Childers, musique (mp3 file, 1.8 MB)

Daniel Cymbal, musique (mp3 file, 1.9 MB)

Margareth Ferruzola, musique (mp3 file, 5.5 MB)

Timothy George, musique (mp3 file, 2.6 MB)

James Head, musique (mp3 file, 2 MB)

Benjamin Hecht, musique (mp3 file, 2.3 MB)

Taylor Janes, musique (mp3 file, 2.2 MB)

Brandon Long, musique (mp3 file, 1.8 MB)

Merouane Merzoug, musique (mp3 file, 1.8 MB)

Alfredo Rivera, musique (mp3 file, 2.1 MB)

Charles Santiago, musique (mp3 file, 1.8 MB)

Michael Simonelli, musique (mp3 file, 2.9 MB)

Philip Tracy, musique (mp3 file, 1.7 MB)

Gerron Woodruffe, musique (mp3 file, 1.8 MB)

(all files copyright 2005 by the Trustees of Hamilton College)

art by Mike To

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