MUS 277 - musique concrete projects

musique concrète projects

MUS 277 - Fall 2007

First, a few commercial messages:

Casey Bloomquist (mp3 file, 503 KB)

Taylor Burt (mp3 file, 548 KB)

Chelsea Bryant (mp3 file, 470 KB)

Zakai Robbins (mp3 file, 460 KB)

Baldwin Tang (mp3 file, 501 KB)

John Tower (mp3 file, 451 KB)

Rachael Arnold (mp3 file, 716 KB)

Brett Morrell (mp3 file, 447 KB)

Rory Pavach (mp3 file, 665 KB)

Peter Mallozzi (mp3 file, 438 KB)

Sander Doucette (mp3 file, 548 KB)

Winston Cook-Wilson (mp3 file, 448 KB)

Kyle Hung (mp3 file, 525 KB)

Pat Barnes (mp3 file, 492 KB)

Aaron Richterman (mp3 file, 547 KB) PARENTAL WARNING!

(all files copyright 2007 by the Trustees of Hamilton College)

Digital musique concrète:

Casey Bloomquist (mp3 file, 2.51 MB)

Taylor Burt (mp3 file, 2.33 MB)

Chelsea Bryant (mp3 file, 1.87 MB)

Zakai Robbins (mp3 file, ?? MB)

Baldwin Tang (mp3 file, 1.99 MB)

John Tower (mp3 file, 2.52 MB)

Rachael Arnold (mp3 file, ?? MB)

Brett Morrell (mp3 file, 2.06 MB)

Rory Pavach (mp3 file, 1.5 MB)

Peter Mallozzi (mp3 file, 1.88 MB)

Sander Doucette (mp3 file, 2.91 MB)

Winston Cook-Wilson (mp3 file, 1.4 MB)

Kyle Hung (mp3 file, 2.36 MB)

Pat Barnes (mp3 file, 1.88 MB)

Aaron Richterman (mp3 file, 1.75 MB)

(all files copyright 2007 by the Trustees of Hamilton College)

art by Mike To

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