MUS 277 - final projects

final projects

MUS 277 - Fall 2008

Ileana Becerra (mp3 file)

Ryan Calabrese (mp3 file)

Nick Capuano (mp3 file)

Austin Deyo (mp3 file)

Mark Ducommun (zip file of MAX applet and demo mp3 file)

Elizabeth Farrell (mp4 file)

Donovan Flint (mp3 file)

Joshua Hicks (mp3 file)

Sam McNerney (mp3 file)

David Moroney (zip file of MAX applet)

Matt Prescottano (mp3 file)

Will Reid (mp3 file)

Cindy Reyes (mp3 file)

Andrew Root (mp3 file)

Jacob Schoeneck (mp3 file)

Jenn Vano (mp3 file)

Linus Walton (mp3 file)

(all files copyright 2008 by the Trustees of Hamilton College)

art by Mike To

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