MUS 277 - musique concrete projects

musique concrète projects

MUS 277 - Fall 2009

First, a few commercial messages:

Benjamin Salzman, Showtime (mp3 file)

Sean Ryan, The Best Religion Ever (mp3 file)

Stephanie Wong, Thesis Therapy (mp3 file)

Steven Lucchetti, Citrus Bowl Commercial (mp3 file)

Jeffrey Escalante, Commercial Kanye (mp3 file)

Wesley Hughes, Imagination (mp3 file)

Andrew Sigler, Hamilton Basketball Commercial (mp3 file)

Brandon Kline, Utica, New York (mp3 file)

David Hyman, Ban Ray Ban Sunglasses (mp3 file)

Daniel Bruzzese, untitled (mp3 file)

Christopher Eaton, east coast rhymz (mp3 file)

Zachary Krassin, Trojan Condoms Commercial (mp3 file) PARENTAL WARNING!

Joshua Marshall, Farm Party (mp3 file)

(all files copyright 2009 by the Trustees of Hamilton College)

Digital musique concrète:

Benjamin Salzman, Noise #2.4 (mp3 file)

Sean Ryan, Eeky and Sneevil (mp3 file)

Stephanie Wong, untitled (mp3 file)

Steven Lucchetti, The Sun Came Up (mp3 file)

Jeffrey Escalante, Nothing (mp3 file)

Wesley Hughes, A Whalish Lullaby (mp3 file)

Andrew Sigler, untitled (mp3 file)

Brandon Kline, Say AH... (mp3 file)

David Hyman, What's My Note? (mp3 file)

Daniel Bruzzese, A jarring karate duel (mp3 file)

Christopher Eaton, untitled (mp3 file)

Zachary Krassin, This is a test (mp3 file)

Joshua Marshall, Sounds of Kurt (mp3 file) PARENTAL WARNING!

(all files copyright 2009 by the Trustees of Hamilton College)

Root Glen
Root Glen

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