ART/MUS 377 - video projects

video projects

MUS 377 - Spring 2005


Oriana Barros (mp4 file, 9.6 MB)

Sean Egan (mp4 file, 9.4 MB)

Danny Klag (mp4 file, 12.1 MB)

Peter van Siclen (mp4 file, 13.9 MB)

Annie Neikirk (mp4 file, 18.1 MB)

Zoe Viccaji (mp4 file, 19.6 MB)

Alex Morrison (mp4 file, 30.1 MB)

Alicia Cardina (mp4 file, 33 MB)

Spencer Soloway (mp4 file, 10.4 MB)

Adam Hobson (mp4 file, 5.1 MB)

Rebekah Grome (mp4 file, 21.3 MB)

Charlie Kaier (mp4 file, 23.4 MB)

John Frazier (mp4 file, 20.3 MB)

Craig Moores (mp4 file, 24.6 MB)

Chris DiBlasi (mp4 file, 11.1 MB)

Jon Price (mp4 file, 19.8 MB)

(all files copyright 2005 by the Trustees of Hamilton College)

art by Mike To

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