Faculty with Interests Related to Neuroscience

Myriam Cotten (Associate Professor of Chemistry). Ph.D., Florida State University. Mode of action of membrane-interacting peptides and proteins; pharmaceutical design.

David A. Gapp (Professor of Biology). Ph.D., Boston University, 1977. Evolution of regulatory peptides, including neuropeptides in nonmammalian vertebrates.

George A. Gescheider (Professor Emeritus of Psychology). Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1964. Tactile psychophysics; human startle responses to auditory stimulation; sensory changes as a function of stage of menstrual cycle; psychophysical scaling.

Herman K. Lehman (Professor of Biology). Ph.D., Florida State University, 1984. Neurobiology, developmental regulation of neurotransmitter systems and neuropeptide structure and function.

Sue Ann Miller (Professor of Biology). Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder, 1973. Roles of localized cell division and apoptosis in avian and mammalian embryogenesis.

Jeremy I. Skipper (Assistant Professor of Psychology). Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2007. Neurobiology of speech perception in real-world contexts.

Nicole Snyder (Assistant Professor of Chemistry). Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 2005. Carbohydrate-protein, carbohydrate-DNA, and carbohydrate-carbohydrate interactions.

Jonathan Vaughan (Professor of Psychology). Ph.D., Brown University, 1970. Cognitive psychophysiology; eye movements and attention; brain evoked responses and cognition; programming of motor movements.

Douglas A. Weldon (Stone Professor of Psychology). Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, 1979. Neural mechanisms of attention; single-unit recording from behaving animals; the role of the superior colliculus in behavior; neurochemical mechanisms of memory in neonates.

Ernest H. Williams (Christian A. Johnson Professor of Biology). Ph.D., Princeton University, 1976. Behavioral ecology of butterflies. Effects of plant secondary chemistry on feeding behavior.