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Neuroscience Senior Projects

2015 - 2016

Name Thesis Title
Charlotte Beers Turning Up Visual Awareness with Sound
Casey Brown Matching Across the Senses
Emily Chan

Lusting for the Loathed: Morality Influences Arousal Elicited by Attractive Faces

Glen Donovan Know Thy Colors: University Affiliation's Effect on Color Preferences
Michael Dyer Effects of Apomorphine-Induced Behavioral Sensitization on the Expression of BDNF in the Mesolimbic Pathway
Megan Fitzgerald The Role of Dopamine in Heightened Behavioral Responses to Apomorphine
Joy-Anne George Learning Styles Hypothesis: Fact or Fiction?
Yashoda Gopi

Resisting God: Atheists Conform Less than Religious Individuals

Ana Hernandez

Repeated Apomorphine Administration Induces Behavioral Sensitization and Modulation of CREB in the Midbrain

Emily Hess Behavioral and Neurological Effects of Neonatal Illness: A Rat Model of Schizophrenia
Stephanie Hruza Cannabis, The Polypharmaceutical Herb:
A Review of the Endocannabinoid System and Cannabis Plant Constituents
Alex Jones Octopaminergic Regulation of Neuronal Metabolism and Learning in Manduca sexta
Leonard Kilekwang

Resisting God: Atheists Conform Less than Religious Individuals

Jaclyn Kogler Time to Wake Up: A Need for New Treatment in Narcolepsy
Morgan Lane Can Emotional Induction Shift Political Preferences?
Sara Lewis The Effects of a Short-Term High-Sucrose Diet on Memory and Locomotor Activity in Rats
Alex Mitko EEG of Creativity and Reward: Working Hard or Hardly Working
Lauren Mulligan The Circuit Breaker of Drug Sensitization? A Role for DARPP-32
Kimberly Olsen The Influence of Awe on Attention
Rebecca Rees The Physiological Impact of Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Laur Rivera Concussion Management in Athletics
James Robbins Learning and Memory Deficits an a Drosophila Model of Closed-Head Traumatic Brain Injury
Nathaniel Somes A New Look at a LPS Rat Model of Schizophrenia: A Study of Behavior and Parvalbumin Expression
Callum Thomas How Repeated Reappraisal of Negative Stimuli Affects Emotional Responses: An EEG Study
Scott Vazquez Assessing The Role of Dopamine in a Model Of Drug Sensitization
Crystal Vilchez Hemispheric Relationships of Emotionality