Senior Projects in Psychology and Psychobiology


Sally Armstrong

Gender Differences in Visuospatial Processing

Carrie Chapman

Exploration of a Causal Relationship between Peer Schemas and Social Experience: An Emotional Priming Technique

Robin Dabney

A Critical Evaluation of Art Therapy: Is Art Therapy Effective?

Ashley Davis

Does Feminist Identity Predict Women's Attachment, Autonomy, and Emotional Dependency in Relationships?

Chris Finley

Aggressive Drives Among College Athletes

Catherine Fraim

The Effects of Nitric Oxide Inhibitors and Donors on Neonatal Olfactory Learning

Amanda S. Hitchens

The Role of Gender in Children's Play Preferences

Jessica Marrero

A View of Relationships: Does Parental Marital Status Matter?

Eric Nolan

The Process Dissociation Procedure: Measuring Age-Related Deficits in Recollection Using a Repetition Task

Greg Nussbaum

Life Stress and Injuries Among College Athletes

Kerri A. Page

The Concept of Friendship in Children Aged Three to Eight Years

Gretchen Randall

A Comparison of Hostile Environments Towards Queer Women Athletes and Non-athletes

Emily Schactel

Encoding Differences in a Dual-task Situation: In Search of a Double Dissociation

Anne R. Sisk

The Misinformation Effect: A True Representation of Eyewitness Testimony or an Invalid Indicator of Misleading Information?

Laura Solof

Gender Differences in Facial Recognition

Emma Thompson

Combining Nomothetic and Idiographic Approaches to the Study of Dispositional Coping

Caryl Wedding

Individual Differences in Reading Comprehension: Measurement of Reading Time in Strategic and Non-Strategic Reading