Senior Projects in Psychology,

Psychobiology, and Neuroscience 1998-99



Christy Aberg

Manipulations of Memory Confidence Levels in Combination with the Distribution of Autobiographical Memory

Michael Balascio

Affective Social Competence in Preschool-Aged Children

Jaime de Oliveira

Stereotype Threat, Self-Esteem, and Academic Engagement in African American Sixth Grade Students

Seanna Donohoe

Young Adult Stereotypes: Do Self-Stereotyping and False Consciousness Play a Role?

Courtney Estill

A Love By Any Other Attachment Style: A Study of Attachment Styles and Love, Touch, and Sex in Romantic Relationships

Ari Fingeroth

How First Semester Alters the Behavior of College Freshmen

Andrew Fleming

The Effect of Emotion on Intrinsic Motivation

Jennifer Giacomini

The Effects of Frustration on Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Homosexuals

Patrick Hibbard

Euthanasia Attitude Survey

Courtney Jones

The Experience, Expresssion and Communication of Emotion in Young Autistic Children

Michelle Karn

Children Learn the Craziest Things from Their Friends: The Relationship between Friendships and Emotional Competence in Kindergarten Children

Emma McLaren

Effects of Dopamine Agonists on Working Memory

Melissa Moriarty

Cross Situational Consistency and Temporal Stability in Athletes' Coping Strategies

Heather Reichhart

Sex Differences in Coping with Academic and Athletic Stressors

Sarah R. Schwartz

The Factors that Play a Role in Attitude Change

Jaimee Smith

Age Differences in Memory Confidence

Jody Steinhilber

The Experience, Expresssion and Communication of Emotion in Young Autistic Children

Angela Whitford

Confidence in Autobiographical Recall of Children and the Possible Implications on Infantile Amnesia and False Memories

Ashley Woodworth

The Effects of Attitude Ambivalence and Gender of Confederates on Conformity

Neuroscience and Psychobiology

Sascha Arbouet

Stochastic Resonance: The Effect of Noise on the Detection of Tactile Stimulation

Joy Dreibelbis

Reduced Acetylcholine Transmission Via Scopolamine: Effects on the Electrophysiological Properties of Hippocampal Neurons

Kathleen R. Hardick

Expansion of the Four Channel Model of Mechanoreception

Tamara Kocivar

The Effects of Gender, Hemispheric Processing, and Music on Spatial Ability