Senior Projects in Psychology



Thesis Title

Meghan Barbour

Continuums, Perceptual Contrast and Preschoolers' Understanding of Adjectives

Rebecca Bungeroth

The Effect of Praise for Ability and Praise for Effort on Children's Motivation and Performance

Vicki Capote

Stress, Glucocorticoids, and the Mechanisms of Neuron Death: Implications for the Aging Brain

Sarah Chatterton

The Quest for a Relationship between Temporal Summation and Temporal Acuity in Tactile Information ProcessingChannels

Christina Colletti

Attachment and Separation Individuation in the Adolescent Transition to College: A Comparison of Theory and Research

John Dieterich

Coping with Negative Self-Referent Thoughts: The Cognitive and Emotional Effects of Suppression and Cognitive Re-appraisal

Arienne Gold

The Psychology of Consumer Behavior

James S. Harding

The Effects of Stereotype Threat on Caucasian Male College Athletes

Sarah Hendee

Music and the Mind: The Relationship between Pre-Reading and Music in Children

Kristen Holderle

The Influence of Motivational State on Task Performance

Jennifer Knapp

The Implications of Learning Styles in Education

Jessie Koff

The Effects of Self-Objectification on Women's Math and Verbal Performance

Zoe Kostoss

When Forming an Impression of an Unknown Person, Do We Use Recently Primed Information or Our Own Self-Schemas?

Danielle Macica

Self-evaluation Maintenance and Closeness in Relationships

Chris Mertz

Do Emotions Originate in Self-Evaluation: Examining Self-Discrepancy Theory

Seth Newton

The Effects of Racial Identification on Peer Judgements of Academic Quality

Megan Robinson

Temperament, Parental Socialization, and Children's Reasons for Altruistic Behavior

Amy Ryan

An Intervention Plan to Promote Responsible Credit Card Use among College Students

Benjamin Schiller

Cholinergic Treatments of Alzheimer's Disease