Senior Projects in Psychology



Thesis Title

Aimee Arikian

Men and Women in Test Situations: The Effect of Decision Style on Cheating Behavior

David Ash

Tactile Psychophysics

Mark Bolender

The Effects of Frequency and Stimulus Duration on Vibrotactile Temporal Summation

Pat Casey

Methodological and Conceptual Issues in the Study of Cognitive Interference

Jennifer Colgan

The Effects of Ulterior Motive, Confidence, and Viewing Conditions on Jurors' Perceptions of Eyewitnesses

Carolyn Cordner

The Effects of Processing Types on Recall Ability

Jamie Crowley

Depression as a Function of Gender-Role Alignment in College Women: The Mediating Effects of Women's Studies Classes

Janet Davis

Telling the Cognitive Story: In Search of Support for the U-Shaped Form of Creative Development

Noel Erikson

The Effects of Single-Parent versus Two-Parent Families on Children's Emotional Recognition and Peer Relationships

Rachel Gerber

Effects of Priming Men with Sexist Advertisements

Kristen Gorzelany

Approval for Abortion as a Function of Stage of Fetal Development and Abortion Method Used

Laura Gutowski

Recovery Mechanisms from Post-Stroke Aphasia

Elizabeth Hardaway

A Behavioral Program to Address Maladaptive Behaviors

Rebekah Hochman

Drinking Behavior at Hamilton College: Perceptions of Drinking Norms and Other Factors that Predict Heavy Alcohol Consumption

Jennifer Klein

Emotional Reactivity and Rate of Learning in Children with Autism

Harriet Lang

Evidence of Attachment Behaviors in children with Autism

Jane Long

The Effects of Text Direction on Reading by Chinese/English Bilinguals

Lee Markowitz

Obsessionality and the Cognitive and Emotional Effects of Thought Suppression

Nat Meyer

Detecting the Differences Between Spontaneous and Read Speech

Kristine Modzelesky

The Effects of Life Stress and Attributional Styles on Cognitive Interference and Performance on Intellective Tasks

Adrien Moseley

The Effect of Expectations on College Adjustment

Emily Pietropaolo

Theory of Mind in Children with Autism: Compensation for the Deficit in Episodic Memory

Kristi Popovich

Siblings Impact on Children's Emotional Recognition Tasks and Peer Interactions in Kindergarten

Colleen Powers

Conformity as Compensation for Self-Esteem Threat: The Role of Independent and Interdependent Self-Construals

Sarah Rieber

Motivating Low-Income Parents to Read Aloud to Their Children

Amy Rini

Benefits of Participation in a Low Ropes Course

Kate Schilling

Social Skills Intervention in the Preschool Environment

Kristin Seyffarth

The Effects of Active Participation and Interviewer Formality on Children's Suggestibility: Implications for Eyewitness Testimony

Diane Soboski

Gender Differences in Children's Perceptions of Altruistic Acts

Jennifer Taylor

To Include or Not to Include: Teachers' Actual and Perceived Knowledge of Autism and Their Attitudes Concerning Full Inclusion

Stacy Tyksinski

Biopsychological Theories of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Joanna Velasco

Gender, Birth Order, and Parental Socialization Effects on Children's Empathy and Altruism

Nikisha Williams

Mind Over Matter: Action Identification as a Mediator of Underperformance in Stereotype Threat