Senior Projects in Psychology



Thesis Title

Alison Ackernecht

The Effects of Eyewitness Testimony, Confidence, and Age on Jurors

Hey-Mi Ahn

Attributional Style and Exam Performance

Liz Ballantyne

Self-Objectification: What Is It and How Can We Prevent It?

Joseph Chen

Phobia: Criteria, Etiology, and Treatment

Katy Connor

Attachment Styles and Sex-Role Identities as Predictors of Non-committal Sexual Interactions and Emotional Support

Mike Ford

Cognitive Style in the Courtroom: The Effects upon Argument Perception and Persuasion

Josh Feil

The Relationship between ADD and Binge Drinking

Heather Hage

The Effects of Complexity of Language and Heuristic Cues on Juror Perceptions of Expert Testimony

Sue Hess

The Effect of Divorce on Parent-Child Relationships in Preschool Children

Whitney Kingsbury

The Role of Cognitive Style in Depression

Deirdre Kirby

The Relationship between Body Image and Self-Esteem in Female Adolescents

Amy Krasner

Factors Contributing to the Body Image of Adolescent Girls

Megan Lentek

Predicting Intentions to Use and Actual Use of Birth Control

Adam Lewkowicz

The Protective Drive to Stereotype: Shielding the Self from Threat

Kurt Mangold

Hamilton College Current Student Evaluations: Can They Be Improved?

Carrie McNeil

Getting What You Deserve Vs. Deserving What You Get: The Prospective Application of Belief in a Just World

Amanda Mereau

Self-Esteem of Adolescent Girls Participating in a Journal Group

Betsy Muenk

Attitudes Toward Parents' Involuntary Sterilization Of Mentally Retarded Children

Danielle Piacente

Schizophrenia: The Dopamine Hypothesis and Pharmacological Treatments

John Porter

Personal and Situational Factors Influencing the Spotlight Effect

Pooja Raj

The Effects of Self-Esteem, Coping Strategies and Decision Style on the Emergence of Gender Differences in Depression

Milagros Ramirez

Autism: Understanding the Role of "Socialization" in the Promotion of Language

Jennifer Risley

Identifying Groups at High Risk for Self-Objectification

Jenny Russell

Gender Differences in Children's Story Preferences

Paul Ryan

Attribution Styles and Coping Behaviors for Upcoming Stressors

Dean Scherza

The Role of Music in Advertising

John Shinn

Performance Differences in Assessment Tests between Races

Jess Trombley

Self-Efficacy, Motivation, and Procrastination

Dave Trovato

The Influence of Parent-Child Discourse on Children's Stereotyping

Colleen Trzaskos

A Comparison of Two Language Training Procedures in an Early Intervention Preschool

Meredith Waltman

A Behavioral Intervention to Reduce Maladaptive Behavior in a Child Diagnosed with Autism: A Case Study

Brooke Weissner

The Implications of Criminal Schemata: The Effects of Style of Dress on the Decisions of Police Officers in Ambiguous and Non-Ambiguous Criminal Scenarios

Kirsten Westerland

Coping and Social Support Within a Marriage Afflicted By Cancer: An Interdependent and Dynamic Viewpoint

Greg Yaecker

Does Personality Affect Free Riding in Groups? The Role of Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy