Senior Projects in Psychology



Thesis Title

Jessica Bard

Three Perspectives on Infant Motor Development

Jessica Beeson

Cognitive Interference and Coping with Stress and Anxiety: An Evaluation of Athletic Performance

Rowland Boateng

Gender Differences in Speechreading and Spatial Reasoning Abilities

Meagan Burke

Exploring the Significance of Social Support Networks as a Buffering Tool Against Relational Aggression

Sara Burns

Self-Injurious Behavior: A Case Study of a Prison Inmate

Tara Butler

A Theory of the Sensory System through Analysis of Synesthesia and Sensory Integration Disorder

Jennifer Cammarano

Mental Illness in the United States Prison System: A Growing Problem

Jessie Casella

Academic Cheating: A Model for Organizing Data

Amanda Chase

Eating Habits of Runners

Ricardo Colon

Stigma Consciousness and Intrusive Thoughts on Advice-Giving with the Presence of Ethnicity

Katy Coonradt

The Evaluation of a Reverse Integrated Preschool for Children with Autism

Alison Cornish

A Comparison of Two Behavioral Intervention Techniques and their Effectiveness Within Treatment Centers for Children

Karen Czerkies

Children with Autism: Transition from Early Intervention to an Integrated Setting

Julie Elmuccio

The Effectiveness of Strong Cognitive Persuasive Arguments on Affective Attitudes

Allyson Feinstein

Alzheimer's Disease: Pathology, Prevalence and Prevention

Colby Fisher

Female Perceptions of Agentic (Assertive) Women: Do Personal Traits Influence the Perceived Likeability of Others?

Katie Hand

Self-Construals and Conformity: Does Priming Interdependence Lead to Conformity?

Heather Hoffay

The Effect of Instructions on Racial Biases in Jurors

Liora Hoffman

Stereotype Threat Among Students with Learning Disabilities

Kim Lantz

The Role of Intrusive Thoughts in the Juror Decision Making Process

Hillary Marino

Social Competence in Preschoolers

Greg Moschella

Coping and Depression

Brandon Nichols

Gender and Birth Order Effects on Affective Social Competence

Ryoichi Noguchi

Gender and Birth Order Effects on Affective Social Competence

Daphne Papadopoulos

The Effects of Cognitive Interference in Mock Interview Performance.

Susan Philipose

The Effectiveness of Attributional Style and Coping Style in Predicting Behavior and Academic Performance

Molly Plummer

A Longitudinal Study of Parent and Adult Children's Recollections of Parental Discipline from Childhood

Marisabel Portillo

The Interaction between Language Acquisition and Play Skills in Typical Preschool Children and Children with Autism

Lindsey Schantz

Cognitive Interference: An Examination of the Impact of Thoughts on Athletic Performance

Tiffany Sliter

The Effect of Marital Support on the Physical Health of Women

Joshua Steele

The Effect of Stress on False and Peripheral Memory Formation

Sarah Temech

The Effects of Negative Self Evaluative Thoughts on Performance After Failure

Nickeshia Thomas

How Humans Plan Movement: The Posture-Based Model of Movement Planning

Lenore (Ellie) Thompson

Compensation of Injury: Matching the Posture-Based Model to Human Movement

Jessica Wieland

Evaluating Levels of Attachment in Preschool-Age Children

Yuliya Zorkina

Children's Attachment and Peer Competence: An Exploratory Study