Senior Projects in Psychology



Thesis Title

Jamie Abaied

Cognitive Mechanisms Underlying Interpretation of Emotional Cues in Music

Elizabeth Abbott

The Effect of Doctor-Patient Communication on Emotional and Physical Outcomes of Cancer Patients: An Examination of Age and Race Disparity

Kim Aber

Perceptions in Cross-Sex Friendships

Joan Booth

Avoidance of Minority Status by Stigmatized Individuals: An Objective Self-Awareness Explanation

Elizabeth Butler

An Evaluation and Comparison of Wilderness and Adventure Therapies via Participant Observation and Empirical Analysis

Ryan Burke

The Role of the Group in the Acceptance and Perpetuation of Sexist Attitudes

Elizabeth Casey

The Effects of Intrusive Thoughts on Performance in Familiar and Unfamiliar Motor Tasks

Cindy Chin

The Relation Between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptomatology and Substance Use in First Year College Students

Audrea Critelli

Early Intervention Programs for Autism and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Lauren Dentone

Malingering and Deception: A Case Study of a Prison Inmate

Nadia Dovi

The Development and Expression of Relational Aggression: Do Parenting Styles and the Quality of Relationships Between Parents and Their Children Have an Effect?

Holly Erick

The Influence of Personality on Perception and Recall of Feedback

Daniel Fiore

The Impact of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder on Formation and Maintenance of Peer Relationships in First Year College Students

Jessalyn Gellar

The Psychology of Advertising: Understanding Effective Advertising by Examining the Relationship Between Advertisement and Consumer Attributes

Tanisha Hankerson

A Multidimensional Scaling Analysis of Perceived Roughness

Samantha Ioia

The Effectiveness of Observed Kinematic Information in Learning Ballet Sequences

Ellen Jamison

Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: ‘Best Practice’ versus ‘The Real World’

Nicolette Jarzabek

Are the Languages We Speak Dictating Our Thoughts? The Influence of Grammatical Gender on How Objects are Perceived

Matthew Javitch

Social Learning Theory and Survival Behavior: Contributions and Limitations

Erin King

Autistic Spectrum Disorder: The Evaluation of Reinforcers for Use in Behavioral Intervention

Adam Lalor

The Effects of Cognitive Interference and Affect on Memory for Commercials

Andrew Morgan

Perception of Biological Motion

Olabisi Sapara

Differences in Unfamiliar Face Recognition for Same versus Different Pose Orientation

Elizabeth Schroth

The Influence of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptomatology, Family Relationships, and Coping Styles on College Adjustment in First Year Students

Karima Shah

Romantic Status and its Relationship with Self-Esteem and Sociability

Elizabeth Siegel

Fallibility of Flashbulb Memories: If Not a Special Mechanism, Then What?

Sarah Siegel

Attachment, Self-Esteem, and Romantic Relationships

Elizabeth Southerland

An Examination of Healthcare Providers’ Delivery of Cancer-related Bad News

Nesa Wasarhaley

Emotion and Memory in the Courtroom: How the Emotionality of a Trial Influences Memory Confidence, Memory Accuracy and Deliberation of Jurors

Sarah Williams

Affect Intensity, and Coping Styles: Are Certain People Better at Maintaining Long- Distance Relationships?

Joshua Zilinskas

The Role of Stereotype Threat in Working Memory Tests on Learning Disabled