Senior Projects in Psychology



Thesis Title

Christine Agudelo

A Psychological and Anthropological Investigation of Gender Differences in Color Lexicon

Kristen Archibald

The Effect of PECS and Signing Communication Interventions with Preschoolers with Autism

Taylor Austin

Family Situation and Risk Factors Associated With Victims and Aggressors of Relational Aggression

Carolyn Bell

How Do I Know What I Know? Investigating the Use of Metamemory Strategies in Children

Erin Daugherty

Improving Communication for a Child with Mental Retardation Using the Picture Exchange Communication System and American Sign Language

Moira Delahanty

The Development of Negative Ethnic Attitudes In Children

Kaitlin Donovan

Relational Aggression: The Role of Coping and Locus of Control on Psychological Adjustment

Lindsey Fowler

Psychoneuroimmunology: A Review of Stress and its Influence on Brain, Body, and Behavior

Adam Funderburk

Self-Esteem Motivation: An Integration of Terror Management and Sociometer Models

Daniel Gottlieb

The Functional Approach to Persuasion and the Matching Effect

Sharon Hakim

Odd Gods vs. the God Squad: Understanding the Influence of Perception on Religious Categorization

Sara Hamilton

Investigating Implicit Racial Attitudes Using the Thematic Apperception Test

Adam Hiller

Can Jurors Disregard Information Deemed Inadmissible? Trial Simulations, Theoretical Explanations, and Psychological Perspectives

Corinne Holmes

Communication and Aggression: Are Undesirable Behaviors a Maladaptive Form of Communication in Individuals with Autism?

Kalin Jaffe

The Importance of Mathematical Relationship Formation in Word Problem Solving: An Eye Movement Analysis

Courtney Johnson

Family Dynamics, Peer Relationships, Self Esteem and Depression: Linking Relationships and Their Psychological Outcomes

Jessica Kapps

Coping Strategies, Family Environment, Event Appraisal and Depression in College Students with and without Chronically Ill Family Members

Chris Keen

The Benefits (and Costs) to Participating in Athletics for Both Men and Women

Heather King

Who Am I? A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Senegalese and American Children's Self-Construals

Allison Krutul

Romantic Relationships in Young Adults with ADHD Symptomatology: Relationship Satisfaction, Attachment Styles, Communication, and Responses to Conflict

Kristine Maslauskas

Reducing Inappropriate Novel Play Using Video Modeling

Kelly McCollumn

Parent Attachment Style as a Predictor of the Relationship Between Separation Anxiety and Parenting Stress

Katelyn McGee

Investigating the Relationship Between Relational Aggression and Attributional Styles

Keira Moore

Using Video Modeling to Increase Appropriate Play and Decrease Stereotypy in a Child with Autism

Julia Morgan

Social Skills Training for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Kristen Nielsen

Going Above and Beyond: Effects of Different Motivational Environments on Student Achievement

Elisabeth O’Bryon

Handling ADHD Behaviors in the Classroom: An Examination of Behavioral Interventions Implemented by Teachers

Meghan Rose

The Effects of Emotional Regulation on the Relationship Between Relational Aggression and Eating Disorders

Leigh Rosenfeld

The Effects on a Romantic Relationship of Suppressing Negative Thoughts About One's Relationship Partner

Janine Rowe

The Effects of Positive and Negative Mood on Impulsivity in Low-ADHD and High-ADHD College Students

Emily Rowland

Reducing Test Anxiety in College Students with ADHD Symptomatology to Maximize Test Performance

Jennifer Ruch

A Lexicon for Somatosensory Experiences

Lisa Sanfilippo

Can Empathy Induce Helping Despite Group Conformity Pressure?

Dorothy Schug

Social Skills Training to Reduce Aggressive Behavior in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Matt Smith

The Effects of Cognitive Interference on Mock and Real Interview Performance

Scott Siskind

Thought Suppression in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Stephanie Whalen

Eye Movement Patterns in Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Julia Williamson

The Effects of Stereotype Threat on Women’s Math Performance: Examining the Role of Working Memory and Anxiety