Senior Projects in Psychology



Thesis Title

Michael Allen

A Closer Look at the Bystander Effect: Identifying Altruistic vs. Self-Enhancing Prosocial Behavior

Tierney Boisvert

The Physiological Signatures of Prejudice: The Relationship Between Implicit Attitudes and Physiological Responses Towards Stigmatized Groups

Ben Breisch

Teaching Pretend Play Skills to Children at Risk for Autism Using Video Modeling

Scott Chatham

Stigma Consciousness Among Individuals with Concealable and Conspicuous Stigmas

Jamie Clark

Academic Advising and Junior College Students

Elaine Coggins

The Effect of Mood Regulation Expectancies on Burnout among Staff Exposed to Challenging Behaviors

Caitlin Connelly

Coping with Cognitive Interference During Athletic Events

William Crocker

Clinical Affluenza: Beneath the Mahogany Veneer

Katharine Donlon

Assessing the Early Signs of Autism in a Bilingual Subject

Sarah Downey

The Influence of Color on the Effectiveness of Yellow Pages Advertisements: Which Shades and Combinations Make the Most of Your Money?

Eileen Fisher

An Investigation of the Relationship Among Relational Aggression, Trust, and Relationship Quality with Peers and Parents

Kaitlin B. Jones

Embedding Instructional Strategy to Teach Question Answering to a Preschooler with Developmental Delays

Chris Joyce

Associations Among Aggression, Victimization, and Academic Achievement: A Study of Middle School Students

Kellen Leon-Atkins

Thought Suppression and the Subjective Experience of Remembering Traumatic Events

Heidi Litz

The Role Sibling Relationships and Family Dynamics Play in Relational Aggression

Elizabeth Longley

Maximizing Performance

Jess Mariglio

What are you Looking At? Attention Influences of Implicit Gender Bias During Eye Movements

Tierney Rogers

The Effect of Dress Appropriateness in Interviews: Can Clothing Influence Anxiety and Self-Perception?

Diana Rosinus

Time and the Human Mind: An Investigation Into Differences in Estimation, Awareness, and Perspective

Kalan Ross

Relational Aggression and Social Network Structure in a College Population

Melena Tsoflias

Interpersonal Effects of Suppressing Thoughts about a Self-Relevant Stigma

David Sherman

Stereotype Threat: A Literature Review

Sandi Shivers

The Development of the Psychopath

Donner Stocks

ADHD Overmedication as a Result of Overdiagnosis

Margaret Van Wyk

Predictors of Burnout: The Use of Maladaptive Coping Mechanisms When Experiencing Emotional Dissonance

Leigh Viscomi

Cross-Cultural Differences in Self-Enhancement: Is It A Universal Motive?

Erin Wong

Race in Advertising: Perceptions Influencing Consumer Behavior

Robin Wong

“I” of the Beholder: Does Culture Affect Age Identity?

Nicholas Woodall

Art Therapy for Fostering Social Behavior in Children with Special Needs

Dong Zhang

A Comparison Study of ADHD Symptomatology between American and Chinese College Students

Tyler Zink

Creating and Validating a Stigma Consciousness Questionnaire for Mental Illness