Senior Projects in Psychology



Thesis Title

Jessica Barrows

Cognitive Interference in Social Interactions

Erin Bishop

The Influences of Authority on False Confession: Implications for the Justice System

Toni Bullock

Psychology and Persuasion: How Advertisers Use Psychology to Persuade their Audiences

Dana Canelli

Parent-Child Relationships and Relational Aggression in School-Age Children: The Development of Intervention and Prevention Programs for School Settings

Gladynell Ceballos

Negative Effects of Forcing Prejudiced Individuals to Act in a Non-Prejudiced Way

Kim Craig

Adapting Over-Learned Responses: Effects of Association Strength and Semantic Similarity on Negative Priming

Allison Currie

Eye Movements and Behavioral Responses to Inhibitory Tasks in College Students with ADHD

Dan Cymbal

Social Interaction and Cognitive Interference

Jennifer Franco

Communication and Group Cohesion: Managing Aggression in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Kathy Harder

Relational Aggression, Social Information Processing, and Attributions: Are Perceptions of Relationally Aggressive Behaviors the Same for Everyone?

Melissa Kong

The Impact of Print Magazines on Men’s Perceptions of Women

Sarah Levitan

Juvenile Reentry After Incarceration: The Need for Effective Reentry Programs

Drew Linsley

Positive Generation for a 3-Dimensional Representation of Novel Movements and Non-Verbal Behaviors

Caitlin McGilley

Differences in Self-Esteem and Aggression Between Athletes and Non-Athletes

Bridget Moore

The Role of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Self-Affirmation on Decision-Making

Ryan M. Murphy

Transition to College: A Developmental Model of Attachment Theory and its Effects on Success

Sarah Peacock

What is “Gaydar”? Visual, Audio, and Behavioral Cues Used in Perception of Sexual Orientation

Alana Pudalov

Investigating the Effects of Self-Esteem on Relational Aggression

Katie Ribble

Factors Affecting Job Motivation for Teachers of Children with Autism

Jennifer Sadowsky

Defensive Self-Esteem and the Tendency to Suppress Negative Self-Referent Thoughts

Pumla Sathula

College Students’ Attitudes Towards Marriage and Factors that Influence Decision Making in Finding a Significant Other

Nate Schreiber

The Relationship Between Early Life Stress and Anxiety, Motivation, and Impulsive Behaviors in Adolescence and Adulthood

Natalie Schwerin

Beliefs, Behaviors, and Biases: The Factors that Contribute to Gender Differences on Standardized Tests, Class Grades, and Career Goals

Danielle Sclafani

The Effect of Self-Esteem on Relational Aggression

Daniel Theodate

Predictors of First-Year College Students’ Drinking Behavior: Parents, Friends, and Self-Esteem

Erica Vazquez

Negative Effects of Suppressing a Self-Relevant Stigma on Interpersonal Interaction

Hannah Wolcott

Neuron Activity During Reward Retrieval in Rats