Senior Projects in Psychology



Thesis Title

Thomas Arm

Planning Movement in 3-D Space: Finding Geodesic Paths Using Riemannian Geometry and The Kinetic Energy Metric Tensor

Rebecca Ashby

Self-Esteem Stability and Thought Suppression

Carly Barker

Parents’ Involvement in their Children's Sports at Different Stages of Athletic Development

Ashley Bourgeois

Preparing Emergency Medical Technicians to Avoid PTSD Through Preventative and Post Exposure Programs

Kaillie Briscoe

Hindrance or Helper? An Investigation of the Performance Outcomes of Self-Handicapping in Competitive Athletes

Stefanie Capizzi

Correlations Between Defensive Self-Esteem and Athletic Performance

Megan Coughlin

Anxiety and its Effects on Performance in Elementary School: A Case Study D

Abigail Crimmins

The Use of Thought Suppression Among Those with Fragile Self-Esteem

Katherine DeJesus

The Role of Rejection Sensitivity in Minority Students' Perceptions of Critical Feedback

Ann Dickson

The Role of Visual Perception in Motor Movement and its Integration into the Posture Based Movement Model

Kyle Dumas

Decision-Making in Economic Games

Rita Fisher

Friendship Styles of College Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Symptomatology

Olivia Gambir

Boys Punch You in the Face, But Girls Stab You in the Back: Gender Differences in the Frequency and Type of Aggression During Adolescence

Julia Gebar

The Relationship Between Stress and Health Behaviors in College Students

Jimmy Gibson

The Relationship Between Attributions and Athletic Performance: Can Attributional Styles be Manipulated to Increase Success?

Elizabeth Goheen

Facilitating Appropriate Verbal Language in a Kindergarten Student: A Case Study

Nicole Goldberg

Understanding Symptoms and Their Sources: Exploring Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Comorbid Symptomatologies

Kate Greenough

Future Planning, Freak-outs and Finding Yourself: A Review of the Literature in the Role of Work Values in Career Searching Behavior Among College-age Students

Rebecca Griffin

Rhetoric and Remembering: The Effect of Communication Apprehension on Recall

Megan Herman

The Benefits and Challenges of Parental Involvement in Education

Sean Hopper

Psychological Methods of Enhancing Sports Performance

Byron Johnson

Does Sports Participation Facilitate Aggression? A Closer Look at Social Adjustment

Thomas Kobayashi

Equality for All? The Weapon Focus Effect in Different Populations

Allie Lopez

ADHD and Mood Disorder Symptomatology: Differentiating Symptoms and Their Effects on Transition for First-Year College Students

Maki Maeyama

Can Play Therapy Reduce the Effect of Suggestibility in Primary Age Children?

Marisa Maglaty

Physiological Differentiation Between Racism and Homosexual Prejudice from Elicited Emotion

Lindsay Mahl

Parental Attachment and False Identities: Men’s Transition to College

Molly McGaughan

Thinkers and Feelers: Personality’s Role in Learning and Attention

Madelyn McGuinnis

The Risky Business of Hooking-Up: Self-Esteem and Its Influence on Casual Sexual Behaviors

Merv Merzoug

Can Non-rational Behavior Lead to Efficient Financial Markets? Psychological Evidence Against Fully Efficient Marketsk

Kasey Miller

Researching the Relationship Between Adolescent Girls’ Disordered Eating Patterns and the Desire to Appeal to the Male Sex

Jennifer Milne

Mixed Emotions: Is it Helpful or Detrimental for Memory to Feel Two Moods at Once?

Nancy Morell

Relational Aggression: An Implicit Evaluation and Connections to Social Information Processing

Avery Rizio

Recognition of Details in Scenic Images: Further Evidence for the Role of Differential Rehearsal Competence in Directed Forgetting

Jessica Ruddiman

Defense Against Threats to Secure and Fragile Self-Esteem

Jessica Salwen

Revising the Sexual Double Standard: Judgments of Competence and Promiscuity of Hetero- and Homosexuals

Sarah E. Schrader

Increasing the Effectiveness of Communication in a Kindergarten Student: A Case Study

Amanda Schoen

The Effects of Hamilton's Wilderness Pre-Orientation Program on First-Year Adjustment to College

Benjamin Sholl

Implicit Attitudes and the 2008 Presidential Election

Chelsea Stellato

The Effects of Parenting Style and Social on Relational Aggression in Elementary School Children

Mariana Vinacur

HPV Vaccine Acceptability and the Psychological and Interpersonal Factors that Influence Vaccination

Ashley White

The Effectiveness of Multisystemic Therapy in a School-based Program