Senior Projects in Psychology

2009 - 2010



Thesis Title

Hannah Adams

Diversity in Higher Education: Associations Between College Adjustment and Social Relationships

Henok Alemayo

The Effect of Heterosexual Interactions in the Media on Self-Objectification

Michael Amaral

Increasing a First Grader’s Ability to do Task-Oriented Activities: A Case Study

Stephanie Anglin

Defensive Self-Esteem and Relational Aggression in High School and College Students

Margeaux Annalet

Increasing Task Persistence in a Child with Autism: A Case Study

Harrison Biggs

Character or Talent? Cohesion and its Relationship to the Psychology of Sport

Sarah Bookbinder

Support for a Fuzzy Trace Explanation of Directed Forgetting

Jocelyn Bos-Fisher

Effectiveness of Therapeutic Riding for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy and Autism

Megan Bumb

Psychological Processes in Attitude Formation in the Health Care Debate

Katherine Burke

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Preventive Intervention for At-Risk Children

Madeline Caudle

Understanding the Relationship Between the Media and the Development of Body Image Disturbance Among College Women

Suzannah Chatlos

Relationships Among Direct Parental Involvement, Social School Readiness, and Friendship Quality

Christina Clark

Forensic Interviewing of Child Eyewitnesses

Nina Connors

Expectations of College Freshmen: An Investigation of Disillusionment, Depression, and Anxiety

Francesca Crane

Does Watching Mean Girls Make Us Mean? The Impact of Media on Relational Aggression and Prosocial Behavior

Ricki Feldman

Is Being Proficient in Language Always a Good thing? An Investigation of the Relationship between Verbal Ability and Relational Aggression

Kate Fillion

Helping a Second-Grader Manage Emotions: A Case Study

Alissa Gail Goddard

Killing for Revenge: How Childhood Trauma and Fantasies Explain the Etiology and Motives of Serial Killer

Katherine Hails

Eye Movements while Reading with Distraction: ADHD in College Students

Erin Hoener

Communication and Interaction Deficiencies in the Classroom: A Case Study

Julia Howles

Using Newly Acquired Skills for Maladaptive Purposes: The Social-Cognitive Precursors and Development of Relational Aggression in Preschoolers

Laura Jackelen

Is Your Memory Good Enough to Forget? The Relationship Between Working Memory Capacity and Directed Forgetting

Hillary Keating

Left and Right Hand Differences: Do They Affect Obstacle Avoidance?

Dana Kelsey

Why Are Some Girls So Mean? Relational Aggression and the Role of Hostile Intent Attributions in an Ambiguous Provocation Situation

Meredith Kivett

Relational Aggression and Adjustment in High School

Savannah B. Knell

Personality and Self-Esteem as Predictors of Risky Sexual Behavior

Brandon Leibsohn

Success as it Relates to Secure Attachment in Coach-Athlete Relationships

Jacqueline Marra

Establishing Joint Attention in a Kindergartener with Autism: A Case Study

Valerie McGowan

Children's Cognitive Development and the Effectiveness of the Head Start Program

Brian Milstone

The Effect of Suppressing Negative Self-Referent Thoughts on Self-Esteem: The Search for a Mediator and Moderator

Brett Morell

Self-Esteem and the Subconscious: An Argument for the Use of Implicit Measurement in Exposing the Effects of Ideal Body Type Exposure among Men

Amanda Murray

The Relationships Among Parenting Styles and Attitudes, Friendship Quality, and Preschool Children's School Readiness

Caitlin Nevins

It is All in the Details: Exploring Emotional Memory through Directed Forgetting

Victoria Nygren

Self Defined? The Effect of Media on Women’s Self Perceptions

Caroline Pierce

Implicitly Examining Relational Aggression in High School Students

Lauren Pudalov

To Be or Not to Be Moral: An Investigation into Individual Differences and their Relationship to Aspects of Morality

Liz Rave

The Ease of Conformity: Evaluation Apprehension’s Affect on Adherence to a Social Norm

Cliff Robbins

Directed Forgetting of Thematic Images: Evidence from Eye Movements

Krissy Rubin

Play and Imagination in Children: Advice for Teachers and Parents

Anthony Sali

Executive Functioning Impairment Associated with ADHD Symptomatology in College Students

Cate Schafer

Understanding Cooperation in the Prisoner's Dilemma: An Economic and Psychological Approach

Meghan L. Shine

The Impact of Comparative and Humorous Advertising on Elaboration Likelihood

Francesca Villa

The Relationships Among College First Years' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Sexual Risk Taking

Mary Wilder

Sugar High: The Effects of Glucose on Self-Regulation

Stephanie Wong

Framing Environmentalism: Message Framing and its Effect on Self-Determination and Environmental Behaviors