Senior Projects in Psychology

2010 - 2011


Thesis Title

Scott Bickard

The Developmental Course of Possible Selves and Their Role in Intervention Programs

Megan Braaten

Can the Clock-Drawing Test and Self-Awareness Predict Functional Outcomes of Stroke Rehabilitation?

Megan E. Carman

Using a Token Economy to Increase Attending and Responding of a Six-Year-Old with Autism: A Case Study

Elizabeth Carty

Too Young to Diet: The Influence of Parents on Body Dissatisfaction in Children

Clair Cassiello

What is the Nature of Executive Functioning Deficits Among Youth in Residential Care?

Tom Chiappetta

Cognitive and Social Factors Contributing to Decrements in Athletic Performance

Michelle Choi

Relationship Between Children's Relational Aggression and Parenting Styles and Behavior

Danielle DiGregoria

Social Support as a Mediator: Can Social Support Explain the Relationship Between Personality and College Adjustment?

Carolyn Dopp

Does Self-Esteem Discrepancy Lead to Relationally Aggressive Behavior in College-Aged Women?

Leigh Ercole

Links Between Sociometric and Perceived Popularity, Relational Aggression, and Prosocial Behaviors

Katie M. Garlick

Relational Aggression, Hostile Attribution Bias, and Impulsivity: A Confederate Study

Nora M. Goddard

Increasing Independence in a Child with Autism: A Case Study

James Hogan

Humor in Advertising: The Psychological Basis for Commercial Effectiveness

Mandy Hyne

All About Attachment: A Theoretical Review Emphasizing Disordered Attachment, Implications, and Treatment

Amihan Kernan

Right or Wrong? Moral Development and Relational Aggression During Kindergarten

Henry A. Lee

A Psychologist's Critique of Expected Utility Theory: Descriptive Models and Predictable Irrationality

Stefanie Linnan

Avoidance of Self-Awareness Following Ego Threat in People with Contingent High Self-Esteem

Zach Mason

Adjusting to College: Do Friendships and Birth Order Matter?

Julie Melowsky

Is Conflict Resolution Style a Predictor of Commitment in Romantic Relationships?

Maya Mosner

How Do We Choose? Gender Differences in Implicit and Explicit Mate Preference

Bradley Muldrow

The Jury Will Disregard: Potential Problems and Curative Measures for the Process of Instructing Jurors to Disregard Inadmissible Evidence

William Pigott

If a Tree Falls in a Digital Forest: The Power of Public Commitment in Digital Media

Talya G. Ramchandani

Correlates of Popularity

Alia Rehman

Parenting and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Tristan Rios

Human Motor Movement and Fitts' Law: The Effects of Handedness

Alexander Russell

Music as a Form of Cognitive Interference: Does Listening to Music While Studying Help or Hinder?

Christin Sharlow

Improving Quantity Discrimination in a Kindergarten Student: A Case Study

Bowie M. Sievers

Risky Business: Does Self-Esteem Predict Risky Behavior?

Lauren Specht

Constructing the Self: Memory Biases in Those with Fragile Self-Esteem

Zach Stein

The Influence of Family System on Rates of Depression: A Comparison of Tribal Jordanian and Nuclear American Families

Laura Stern

Warmth and Competence: What Moderates Purchase Intention for Stereotype Consistent and Stereotype Inconsistent Advertisements?

Nisha Tandon

Do Your Friends Really Bring Out the Best in You? Studying the Impact of Friends and Strangers on Implicit Prejudice

Lauren Zoltick

Rated M for Mature: The Negative Effects of Film and Television Violence on Viewers