Thanks to National Science Foundation and Sherman Fairchild Foundation grants, the Psychology Department has equipment for a variety of teaching and research purposes. The department contains teaching laboratories for cognitive psychology, statistical analysis and neuroscience, and each faculty member has facilities that are used for faculty-student collaborative research.

The facilities include a studio for videotaping small group interactions and laboratory equipment for neuroanatomical research, intracellular and extracellular single neuron recording, voltage and patch clamping, eye movement tracking, evoked potential recording and tactile psychophysics.

For Neuroscience students, the Biology Department provides environmental chambers, scanning and transmission electron microscopes, and facilities for cellular and molecular biology. Both departments share a vivarium that contains species ranging from alligators to rats.

The Psychology Department is housed in the Science Center, along with the Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, and Physics Departments and the program in Archaeology.

A photo album of the labs is coming soon.