Psychology Awards, 1980 - 1989


The Psychology Department is delighted to recognize the following students whose accomplishments at Hamilton were outstanding. The Jonathan Marder prize is granted to the student with the best overall performance in psychology, and the B. F. Skinner Award is given to the student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in psychological research. The Department also acknowledges the student who produces the best senior thesis.
Class of Jonathan Marder Prize B. F. Skinner Prize
1980 Joseph Frascella
Richard Tipperman
Robert Scott Wool
1981 Joseph Anthony Zizzi  
1982 Lawrence Carmen Calabrese
Lise Susan Rubenfield
Martin Joseph O'Malley
1983 Tanya E. Zinner  Lisa Beth Namerow
1984 Robin Mae Barret
Julia Lamson Ross
Julia Lamson Ross
Bradley Frisch Sklar
1985 Joseph Richard Panepinto
Charisse Josabik
Mary Elizabeth Treadway
1986 Christopher Todd Blum
Patrick Shawn Griswold
Amy Amanda Collins
1987 Gregory Michael Bolduc
Valerie Frances Tatro
Sandra Diane Lawrence
Melissa Robin Schneider
1988 Sheila M. Eddy  Cathleen M. Moore
1989 Rhonda L. D'Imperio Anne E. Kuhlberg
Kimberly M. Preucil