Psychology Awards, 1990 - 1999

The Psychology Department is delighted to recognize the following students whose accomplishments at Hamilton were outstanding. The Jonathan Marder prize is granted to the student with the best overall performance in psychology, and the B. F. Skinner Award is given to the student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in psychological research. The Department also acknowledges the student who produces the best senior thesis.
Class of Jonathan Marder Prize B. F. Skinner Prize
1990  Tamara L. Helmich
Kristen F. Maloney
Frederick J. Diedrich
1991 Jennifer J. Falconer
Bonnie L. Hiatt
Paul S. Arvantides
Christopher C. Mascia
Lisa E. Rawson
1992  Kristen E. Pollack Elizabeth C. Pinel
Julia K. Yang
1993 Angela H. Ryan Marcy A. Kingsbury
Ziv M. Peled
Kimberly A. Schofield
1994 Vanessa G. Woog  
1995 Greta Alter
Neil A. Andrews
Robert R. Edwards
Kristen E. Santoro
Virginia R. Savage
1996  Kara L. Hrubi
Kerry A. Moyer
Tracy L. Hildebrand
1997 Diane C. Ellsworth
Jennifer A. Rasi
Tiffany R. Mattson
Jennifer A. Rasi
1998 Emma L. Thompson Marian E. Berryhill
Caryl L. Wedding
1999 Christy L. Alberg
Michelle A. Karn
Kathleen R. Hardick
Michelle A. Karn