Psychology Awards, 2000 - 2009


The Psychology Department is delighted to recognize the following students whose accomplishments at Hamilton were outstanding. The Jonathan Marder prize is granted to the student with the best overall performance in psychology, and the B. F. Skinner Award is given to the student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in psychological research. The Department also acknowledges the student who produces the best senior thesis.
Class of Marder Prize B. F. Skinner Prize Thesis of Distinction


Kristen E. Holderle
Megan L. Robinson
Laura B. Knapp Aaron M. Gavett
2001 Pamela E. Dixon
Amy E. Lawrence
Lee J. Markowitz
Nikisha P. Williams
Nikisha P. Williams
2002 Colleen B. Trzaskos Margaret D. Hanson Kirsten A. Westerland
2003 Lindsey H. Schantz Kimberly S. Lantz Lindsey H. Schantz
2004 Elizabeth C. Casey
Nesa E. Wasarhaley
Elizabeth C. Casey
Erin L. King
Jamie Abaied
2005 Alicia A. Cardina
Stephanie A. Godleski
Caroline G. Steers
Stephanie A. Godleski Stephanie A. Godleski
2006  Allison T. Krutul
Elisabeth C. O'Bryon
Keira M. Moore Kalin C. Jaffe
2007  Kaitlin B. Jones
Kellen Leon-Atkins
 Tyler A. Zink Kellen Leon-Atkins
2008  Danielle C. Sclafani  Katherine E. Ribble  Danielle C. Sclafani
2009  Jennifer A. Milne  Avery A. Rizio  Jessica Salwen

Click on the award recipient's name to download the Thesis of Distinction.