Psychology Awards, 2010 - 2018

The Psychology Department is delighted to recognize the following students whose accomplishments at Hamilton were outstanding. The Jonathan Marder prize is granted to the student with the best overall performance in psychology, and the B. F. Skinner Award is given to the student who has demonstrated outstanding performance in psychological research. The Department also acknowledges the student who produces the best senior thesis.
Class of Jonathan Marder Prize B. F. Skinner Prize Thesis of Distinction
2010 Stephanie M. Anglin
Jacqueline P. Marra
Anthony W. Sali Anthony W. Sali
2011 Amanda Hyne
Lauren Specht
Clair Cassiello Stefanie Linnan
2012 Sarah Dreyer-Oren
Hayden Kiessling
Hannah Schacter Sarah Dreyer-Oren
Hannah Schacter

Sunyoung Hwang
Susannah Parkin

Hallie Brown
Ramya Ramnath

Sunyoung Hwang
2014 Quan Wan Summer Bottini Nicole LaPan
2015 Emily Grund Nikole Bonacorsi Nikole Bonacorsi
2016 Ryan Sutyla

Alex Mitko
Abigail Quirk

Ryan Sutyla

Elizabeth S. Prescott

Sarah M. Dimakis

Leah V. Pranschke


Genevieve M. Darling

Hannah B. Meisels

Jaclyn I. Zingman

Hannah B. Meisels

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