Senior Projects in Psychology




Student Title
Meredith Bitterman Sports Anxiety, Motivation, and Performance
Hailey Bobin Communication for All: Enabling Nonverbal Individuals with Autism
Samuel R. Briggs Resinging in the Brain: Prior Experience with Music Helps the Brain to Predict Forthcoming Words 
Elizabeth Chapin Cracking the Stigma: The Impact of Pro/Antisocial Priming and Prior Knowledge on the Acceptance of Autism
Paul Citarella Understanding Relational Aggression and Psychopathology:  A Literature Review
Laura DiCarlo First Year Transition To College: The Effects of Athletic Participation on Adjustment
Sarah E. Dreyer-Oren Discrepant Self-Esteem, Ego Threat, and Risk-Taking
Charlotte Breene Gendron Contingent Self-Esteem, Ego Threat and Risk-Taking Behavior
Caitlyn Gollan Into the Wild: How Wilderness Therapy is Used to Treat At-Risk Adolescents
Carly E. Hachey College Students’ Perceptions of a Mentally Ill Person with a Controllable versus Uncontrollable Stigma
Todd Haylon Overconfidence and Other Biases in Individuals' Behavior in Financial Markets
Annie Hull Exploring the Process of Intentional Forgetting with Explicit and Implicit Measures of Memory
Josephine Jones Socialization Agents’ Influence on Children’s Consumer Behavior: The Power of Peers in the Digital Age
Daniel Kaufman: Determinants of Academic Motivation
Sarah Kelley Implications of Social Comparison on the Self-Concept in terms of Academic Achievement and Social Competence
Hayden Kiessling Predicting Successful Transition to College: Gender Differences in Academic and Social Adjustment
Lenni Marcus Cyberbullying and Victimization in College Students: The Importance of Parental Relationships
Kate Moore Witnesses’ Responses to Cyberbullying: The Role of the Cyber-bystander
Thea-Jenel Moore Race-Based Stigma Consciousness and Academic Disengagement: The Buffering Role of College Mentorship Programs
Danielle Mortorano Early Pornography Exposure: Neuropsychological Motivations and Relationship to Adolescents’ Sexual Aggression
Jodi-Ann Osborne The Effect of Suppressing a Neutral versus Relevant Thought on Self-Esteem: The Role of Individual Differences in Suppression Tendencies
Dominique Paiement Predicting Differences in Self-Determined Motivation in the Athletic Context
Hannah Schacter “She Didn’t Text Me Back!”: Intent Attributions in Cyber Interactions
Tiffany Schreck It’s 10 P.M., Do You Know Where Your Children Are? Parental Involvement and Teen Risk Behavior
Libby Schultz The iVictim: The Relationship Between Cyber Victimization, Personality Types, and Depressive Symptoms
Caroline R. Senft “Mean Girls”: Socially Intelligent and Powerful Adolescents as Social Agents of Relational Aggression
Marisa Spagnolo Cyberbullying: Extending Relational Aggression into the Cyber World
Julian Tempelsman Individual Differences that Strengthen or Weaken Placebo Effects
Lauren Weivoda The Role of Defensive Self-Esteem in Risk Taking Following Ego Threat
Celia Yu Nativelike Second Language Acquisition: the Debate of Nativelikeness