Senior Projects in Psychology
2012 - 2013


Student                       Title
  Gloria Bardin Early Infant Stimulation: Using Early Stimulation to Create Less Emotional Adult Rats
  Jane L. Barnard Leader Selection at a Glance: An Examination of Leader Attributes and Stress Coping in a Naturalistic Setting
  Emily Baxter The Psychology Behind ‘Guilty’ and ‘Not Guilty’: The Decision-making Process of Jurors and Juries During a Trial
  Arielle Berti Reducing Racial Prejudice in a Virtual Environment: A Test of Two Models
  Hallie Brown Knowing What You Know: Age-related Changes in Memory Confidence
  Sarah Cocuzzo Modulation of Plus-maze Behavior in Rats by the D2/D3 Dopamine Agonist Quinpirole
  Claire Corroon The Correlation Between Environmental Factors and Eating Disorder Behavior
  Robert DeJoy Neurochemical Mechanisms of Drug Addiction: Exploring Commonalities Across Drug Types
  Ellen Doernberg Increasing the Class Participation and the Initiated Peer Interactions of a Child in First Grade: A Case Study
  Paige Engeldrum Variables Related to Maternal Behaviors and Childrearing Practices
  Beril Esen Effect of Self-Awareness on the Social Comparisons of People with Defensive and Secure Self-Esteem
  Bryar Lynne Falvey Individual Differences in Personality and Social Cognitions
  Mia Falzarano Directed Forgetting and the Possible Moderating Role of Concrete vs. Abstract Words
  Christina N. Giordano Perceptions of Leadership Styles:  The Relationship between Gender, Emotional Intelligence, and Management Success
  Kim Goidell The Effect of Private and Public Self-Awareness on Ego Depletion
  Daniel Gorman The Divergent Influence of Narcissism and Self-Esteem on Ratings of Relational Aggression
  Colin O. Hill Individual Differences in Need for Cognition and Minority and Majority Influence
  Matthew Hill Contrafreeloading in Rats: The Effects of the Non-sedative GABA Agonist TCS1105
  Livia Houston Reading Networks in the Developing Brain: Effects of Phonological Awareness and Socioeconomic Status
  Sunyoung Hwang Stereotype Suppression in High versus Low Stigma-Conscious Women Experiencing Stereotype Threat
  Elin Lantz The Difference Between the Left and Right Hands in a Reaching Task
  Alexis Lee Teaching a Kindergartener to Follow Multi-step Directions Using a Sequencing Intervention
  Emily Leinbach What Makes Print Ads Effective? Consumer Memory and Attitude Formation as Mediators of Consumer Behavior
  Inricka Liburd The Psychological Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Obesity in Children and Adolescents
  James Lovejoy The Musical Experience: Exploring the Mechanisms and Effects of Musical Motion
  Mary Katy Mastrocola How Social  Norms Influence Victims, Aggressors, and Bystanders: Individual  Differences in Perceptions of Relational Aggression and Bystander Intervention
  Susannah R. Parkin It Wasn’t My Fault: The Role of Self-Awareness in Rationalization Among People with Defensive and Secure Self-Esteem
  Ramya Ramnath Hemispheric Specialization of Attentional Processes
  Michelle Romano High School Dropouts: Factors that Contribute to the Process of Disengagement
  Adam Roth The Interplay Between Major Affective States During Complex Learning
  Daniel Schanck Operant Conditioning and Imitation in Rats Using a Discrimination Paradigm
  Isaac Smith Increasing Peer Interactions of a 5th Grader Through Social Skills Training: A Case Study
  Amanda Thorman How Cognitive and Affective Processes Influence Decision Making in Financial Markets
  Ashley Vanicek Safety Behaviors and Self-image: Exploring the Multiple Components of Social Anxiety