Senior Projects in Psychology

2013 - 2014


             Name                                                                Title
Sarah Emily Andrews iLearn: The Effectiveness of Computer- and Tablet-based Games on Language Acquisition
Hannah Bacon Discrepancies Between Parent and Child Perceptions of Relationship Quality and Psychological Outcomes
Martin Bawden Behavioral Economics and Evolutionary Psychology: The Rationality of Seemingly Irrational Options
Summer Bottini Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Big? An Examination of the Mechanisms of Fat Talk
Joshua Bridge Modify Me?: A Study on the Relation of Attractiveness and Artificial Enhancement
Madison Brown Narcissism, Self-Esteem, and Aggression: A Review of the Literature
Erika L. Craven Athletics and Self-Regulation: Buffering Against Ego Depletion
Shannon Cuthbert Emotional and Social Determinants of Active Defending and Passive Bullying Bystander Behavior
Katherine A. Delesalle Does Defensive Self-Esteem Predict Attribution Style on an Academic Task?
Jenn Durkee Employing Social Stories to Increase Social Comfort and Ease Class-Year Transitions in a Middle School Boy: A Case Study
Molly Ferguson The Association Between Relationship Quality and Body Image in First-Year Athletes and Non-Athletes
Jess Gutfleish Coping with the Transition to College: Comparing Social Support from Friends and Family Members
Laura Herlihy Does Personality Predict Functional Matching and Persuasion in Social Marketing?
Anne Hilburn The Relation of Attachment to the Development and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
Harsimran (Sim) Janjua Who's Your Daddy?: Paternal and Maternal Roles in Parent-Child Interaction and Theory of Mind
Shamicka Jenkins Smith Bilingualism and Development: How Does Bilingualism Influence Education?
John Johnson Rule-breaking, Testosterone, and Life History Theory: A Study
Ashley King Suppressing Thoughts About an Interaction Partner: Effects of Behavioral Confirmation
Hannah Kloeckner Facilitating Communication in a Child with Delayed Speech Using PECS: A Case Study
Eva Kramer Instructing Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the General Education Classroom
Johanna Kreisbuch Misery Loves Company: An Examination of the Contagion of Disclosure
Katherine Krushel Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy Patients
Nicole LaPan Using Functional Behavior Assessment and Differential Reinforcement to Decrease Problem Behavior in a Preschooler: A Case Study
Ryan Melone Empathy versus Oneness as Motivators of Prosocial Behavior
Jose Mendez Examining the Effect of Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Self-affirmation on Defensiveness to Threatening Health Information
Jonice Mendoza Art and Autism: Which Environment is Best?
Sarah L. Ohanesian Defensive Self-Esteem and Recall Biases for Criticism Following Ego Threat
Kerry Reilly The Loss Aversion Bias in Decision-Making: Variations Relating to ADHD Symptomatology
Evie Root Food for Thought: Is There a Relationship Between Going Gluten-Free and Cognition?
Jennifer Rougeux The Effects of Stress and Working Memory on Retrieval-Induced Forgetting
Chenara Seepersad Is There a Relationship Between Stigma Consciousness and First Generation College Students’ Academic Performance and Social Adjustment to College?
Michelle Shafer A Critical Review of Art Therapy
Kara Shannon The Dark Side of Assistive Technology for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Emma Shafto Sisti Minority Stress, Perceived Bicultural Competence, and Academic Achievement Among Ethnic Minority Students at Hamilton College
Quan Wan Do Music Chills Sharpen or Dull the Rest of the World?
Evan Warnock Space Matters: An Examination of Student and Faculty Perceptions of Learning Spaces at Hamilton College
Ricardo A. Welch Effectiveness of Music Therapy For At-Risk Adolescents
Ben Yudysky Entrepreneurship: Individual Differences Shape a Common Process