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Senior Projects in Psychology

2014 - 2015

Name                      Title
Amal Asghar Happy and You Know It: Predicting Happiness in College Students
Nikole Bonacorsi Psychopathic Traits in College Populations: An Examination of Biological Sex, Aggression, and Facial Affect Recognition
Grace E. Bowers The Adjustment to College: Comparing Models of Parent and Peer Support on Emotional School Engagement and Academic Achievement
Julia Breckwoldt Does Food-Related Thought Suppression Result in the Defensive Projection of Anti-Fat Biases?
Carrie Cabush How Media Literacy Programs Can Override the Media's Objectification of Women
Hannah Chappell Defensive Self-Esteem as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Ego Threat and Anxiety
Kayla N. Cody Is Implicit Race Bias Associated with Teachers' Perceptions of Student Problem Behavior?
Josh DeVinney The Misinformation Effect and the Factors of Visual Perspective, Emotion, and Symptomatology
Rebecca Gaines Nontraditional Adjustment to College: Comparing First Years Entering in the Fall Versus the Spring
Erin Gerrity Self-Harm, Alcohol Misuse, and Disordered Eating: Is Self-harm Replaced by More Acceptable Coping Strategies in Young Adulthood?
Emily Grund Risk and Resilient Functioning Among Maltreated Adolescents with Disabilities
Rebecca Hillel Coping with Negative Affect: Examining Adaptive and Maladaptive Behavioral Coping Strategies Among College Students
Rachel Hirsch Social Networking Websites as an Assessment Tool within the Hiring Process
Courtney Hobgood The Usability of College Admissions Websites Among Students with Learning Disabilities
Charlotte Kassimir The Fallibility of Eyewitness Memory: Implications and Protections in the Courtroom
Abigail C. Keim The English Lens: Comparing Student Perceptions of Support and Belonging on Campus
Gabriele Lenihan You Should “Insta” That: An Unfiltered Look at Attitudes, Motivations, and Habits of Instagram and The Impact of Social Media Exposure on Self-Esteem and Mood
Zoe Lynch Advertising and Memory in Homosexual Individuals
Matt McDonald Information Overload: The Inverse Relationship Between Information and Experts’ Prediction Accuracy
Maggie McGuire The Effects of Misinformation and the Own-Race Bias on Eyewitness Testimony
Melanie Miller Ethnic and Racial Identity and Academic Achievement Among International College Students: The Role of Acculturation
Karly A. Moore Risk and Resiliency: Examining the Relationship between Language Brokering, Cultural Socialization, and Family Conflict among Adolescents
Kendra O’Connor The Role of Functional Behavior Assessment in Developing Autism Spectrum Disorder Interventions Appropriate for the General Education Setting
Joseph Rausch The Effects of Music Videos and Video Games on Young Adults’ Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors
Emily Rosen The Effects of Counter-dispositional Behavior on Extroverts and Introverts
Adelaide Smith Are We Well ‘Liked’? Comparing Facebook and Instagram Usage and Related Perceptions in Undergraduate Students
Margaret Smith Matching Person to Media: How Individual Differences Relate to Learning Preferences and Outcomes
Katherine Steates To Your Face, on Your Facebook, or on Yik Yak? College Students’ Perceptions of Relational Aggression
Nick Ufkes The Overgenerality Effect and PTSD: An Evaluation and Assessment of the Underlying Mechanisms
Teresa Viteri Civic Engagement in College Students: Are They Socially Responsible?
Jack Wildman Prehospital Pain Management: Attitudes of Mohawk Valley Advanced Life Support Providers